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I bought an ''Atmosphere wrap around dress a couple of months ago from a( power seller lolita she devil who i believe. is still trading) for £18.  I did not know Atmosphere was there there label, i was very angry, because not only was it from Primark, but in very shabby condition.  I had to sew it in two places and really wasnt up to standard.  I have now thrown it in the bin as it wasnt in good enough condition to give the charity shop.

So be warned i did report this ebay and the seller who didnt give a damn and said i should have spoken to her first, BUT IT REMAINS THE THE FACT, SHE WAS IN THE WRONG TO HAVE PUT IT ON AUCTIO0N IN THE FIRST PLACE, THATS WHY EBAY GETS A BAD NAME, BECAUSE OF SELLERES WHO ARE STILL SELLING CRAP NOT QUALITY.



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