PRIMARK TRAVEL BAG SCAM! -false advertising

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Currently there are really unfair people selling the lovely  Primark patterned travel/overnight style bags on ebay!  They are advertising them as SOLD OUT when they clearly are not!  These bags cost just £6 from Primark and there are people on here trying to sell them for ridiculous prices.  I have seen some for buy it now £14 +.  This is an absolute joke and very selfish.  It would be easy for anyone to go into their local Primark and buy a few to make a profit! Some sellers are even making their postage £6.

These bags are popular, however they have been in stores for a while now and I was in a Primark today (13th Oct 2007) and they still had plenty to choose from!  I even have the leopard print one which people are claiming is SOLD OUT! And i got it weeks after everyone was raving about how good they were.

The pic attached shows some of the popular ones that people are claiming are sold out! Funny how i saw them in the shop today! FALSE ADVERTISING OR WHAT!

The people who are buying these must be out of their minds!  There are Primarks popping up everywhere and if you don't live near one, it would probably be worthwhile and cheaper to take a trip to your nearest one.

I read a review recently on Ebay about people also doing this with Primark clothes. Just be wise to it! When i sell anything from Primark i always make it clear and start at low prices and ive usually used it once or twice or its been bought and never worn!

REMEMBER: if a listing says SOLD OUT or RARE regarding an item from Primark check it out first! As far as i'm concerned nothing is rare from Primark! Probably every second person u walk past is wearing or owns an item from Primark!

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