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Is it just me or has anyone experienced the same problem with shipping to Italy????

I always find that everytime i send an item (usually Burberry Items) that there is a problem with them not recieving.

I always send items via paypal postage and never experience any problems apart from it involving italy.

The first time i got a negative for it. UNFAIRLY by Ingridgaspar

Thank god i have only just sussed out that i can block foreign countries i do not ship to and i can't believe it has took me all this time to work out how to do it on Buyer Requirements. I only needed to tick a box.

I've had problems with italians asking me to send which i've replied on several occasions no i do not ship to Italy however they still bid and win my items and i have no choice but to send items. But i've finally put a stop to that on buyer requirements. I wish i had done this sooner.

Most recent one i sent a black burberry t shirt - after just 8 days of me sending the t shirt she emails me saying she has not recieved item and asked me send the tracking number as she had asked to send tracked. - She won the item for £7.20 & paid £3.95 p&p - she never requested me to send tracked at all and i'd already sent by airmail small packets.  I wouldn't mind but me sending it tracked would have cost more than what she won thee item for and she only paid £3.95.

I checked her feedback left for others and thought awe here we go - another one who leaves alot of neg claiming item not recieved.

So i checked her items for sale and luckily she had 2 items running out soon. I made sure i won both of her items and thought 2 can play your game. I only did it to prevent myself getting bad feedback. Items were 2 baby garments. The postage she charged was £8.99 to my £3.95 so i asked her to combine p&p and to send small packets. She replied £5 and that she will not refund if item is lost.

So watch this space - My advice is do not ship to italy because they are unpleasant to deal with and more often than not their is a problem with them not recieving - more like theiving!

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