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Hi there, this is my first guide and I thought I'd share my knowledge now that I've gone past the 4 year mark with ebay. I am both a seller and buyer and had started up with another person on a different site an ebay business, which had and still is going strong. During both my time on my own private items and working with the business site, I have made sure that my customers are happy with what they buy. . Obviously, there are times when you think, ok, are they pulling a fast one, so you as the seller would read on there feedback and act accordingly,

This also works the otherway, where you are buying from a seller and something goes wrong in the process. For example, you buy an item, you pay the optional insurance, you pay for it to go out 1st class recorded and then the item doesn't arrive after a week which in my opinion is more than enough time to receive an item via recorded delivery, although apparently (ROYAL MAIL) it's policy to wait up to 2 weeks for recorded items and up to 30 days for normal standard post.

Anyway, you get back to the seller via email, then you are confronted with polite but obviously passing the buck emails. For instance, the item has been sent. Ok, you ask for the tracking number. You get the reply back saying, you paid for standard delivery..hmmmm. I'm pretty sure I paid for recorded delivery. You check back on paypal and ebay the item you paid for and low and behold, it states recorded delivery.


There are now a few options available to you. You keep mailing the seller stating the item has been paid for by recorded delivery. If you paid for standard post, ask for CERTIFICATE OF POSTING. This is free from the post office where the item has been posted from and will be datestamped by the postmaster/mistress.

If you still don't get any joy from polite emails to the seller after a set time, then if you have paid through paypal, you can open up a dispute through paypal using the dispute console. This is obviously a last resort, but you paid for an item and you want proof that they sent it in the first place.

You can also contact ebay by using HELP and then typing in PROBLEM WITH A SELLER. Anyway,

I hope this helps some of you whilst using ebay. 99..9% of the time, ebay is a positve experience, but there are those who abuse the system. DON'T LET THEM ABUSE YOU.

Keep happy and Enjoy!!!! WASIMA1

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