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we trade as The Computer Clinic - Newcastle upon Tyne

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Who are we?  We have traded on eBay for a number of years (I currently have 2 eBay sites). Our main business is in Computer Maintenance/Repair based in Newcastle upon Tyne, we sell online with refurbished computers, computer parts and accessories

On eBay we provide a few FREE Guides to help those who are new to eBay avoid some of the pitfalls (quite a few!) and to provide information to help you be successful at either buying or selling or both.

Please think twice before buying products on eBay that promise to reveal the secrets to "becoming an eBay millionaire", "earn huge profits by selling nothing", "easy profits -earn £1000 per week", (you may see some of them to the right of this guide - not ours and we don't endorse them! eBay attach them automatically) you get what you pay for and you're not going to get professional advice for 99p!!  Most are sold via the USA and will be either re-writes or copies of dated information relating to eBay USA - we buy up to 20 ebooks per week to review the content, and we publish the results both good and bad.  In the main the results are bad!  But, there are some good Information Guides on the market, and we have read most of them, just don't be fooled into thinking that selling on any part of the internet (eBay, Amazon, the Web) is easy, it isn't, you have to work hard to earn a living.  Hopefully we can help you on your way!

Rant Over! - Down to business

A FREE Guide - eBay and PayPal Fees

 You could quite easy sacrifice 40% or more of your Gross Profit

40% of my profit are you serious? Yes my friends I am.  Just by listing and selling incurs two fees to eBay, then to process the payment via *PayPal (an eBay company) will cost you another fee. So if your original expectation of making a £10.00 profit on a £25.00 sale is now eroded to £6.00.

*PayPal Personal Accounts are free. To sell on eBay you must accept all methods of payment (including credit cards), fees will be incured for processing card payments. You will be required to upgrade your PayPal account from a Personal, to Premier or Business account.

Yes I hear your replies: "but we have to pay for the service provided!"  "You can't sell online for free"

Of course you do and I would not expect to sell goods on an Auction Site with millions of visitors free of charge.

But, I see auctions (where I know how much the seller buys the item for) selling at such a low price, that the profit remaining after deduction of fees, is just not worth the effort - in some cases just £1.00 to £1.50; and their monthly sales are only 40-50 and in some cases even less.  Divide this profit into an hourly rate (remember the listing time, the sales monitoring time, the item has to be packed and taken to the Post Office etc) and you would laugh at an employer who offered you the job!!

Perhaps these sellers are just into eBay for a hobby and don't mind that they are probably just about breaking even - I don't know.

For you guys who are serious and want to make some money, then just follow my simple rules.

  • Your Gross Profit (GP) profit on sale should be calculated at a minimum 40%. i.e. after buying the item and selling the item you should be making 40% GP.
  • Once you have the sales figure and the cost to post (remember to include "reasonable packing and transportation costs") try a "TEST LISTING" to calculate your fees.  I prepare a test listing for all my stock, I include: Picture (and Gallery Picture), all relevant listing detail but not a full listing description as yet, cost for p+p. I always go for "Buy Now" and or "Best Offer" and not an Auction.
  • Then I go to the next page - the one before "Submit Listing" - and check the Listing Fee and the Selling Fee.  Add the two together.
  • Then add together your Sales Price and your P+P Charge and now you can calculate your PayPal Fee. Multiply your total by 3.4% and add 20p.
  • Now add the two eBay Fees together with your Paypal Fee and Hey Presto you have your total charges. Deduct the total from your GP and now you have your actual Net Profit - the one you can spend!

You can also use a very good FREE website run by - Altavista - to calculate your selling fees.  Just type into your search engine "eBay Fees Calculator UK" and you will have a few sites to choose from - some charge a membership fee, so be careful.

If you are happy then go ahead and complete your Item Description and List.

If you think the Net Profit is too low then adjust the GP. This may affect your Fees (but usually by a small margin) so just give it another Test.

eBay is great and I recommend people to give it a go.

But just be careful. Don't just list and hope. List after you have done your eBay and PayPal Fees Check.

AND - make sure your photograph is of good quality.  Just look at some of the images on eBay and you will see what I mean!  Your photograph will SELL your item (invite people to enter your listing and read your item description) a poor image or inserted upside down will just put potential buyers off.  Take the time to write a decent description, this is your next selling tool and often overlooked by sellers.  The competition is growing on eBay and you must be one step ahead of your competitors!

Have a good selling experience!

If you found this Guide useful please let others know by scrolling down and ticking the box - much appreciated.



The Computer Clinic - Newcastle upon Tyne

Find information about The Computer Clinic, click here: The Computer Clinic









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