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Update 09/11/2007 - Added That Dangerous Guide Now Deleted (see end)

Update 09/02/2008 - Added Another Fulse(sic) Guide (see end)


I am writing this because I have just discovered an eBay Guide warning of a dangerous new threat to women called Progesterex.

    Please Ignore The Rubbish At The Other End Of THIS LINK, It Is Dangerous Nonsense.

Yet Another Internet Hoax

Be assured the 'threat' mentioned in that other guide is a COMPLETE HOAX.

To make things worse that HOAX of a guide was written by a Top 25 Reviewer and to make things doubly worse eBay I first saw it on the Reviews and Guides Home Page!

Although that misleading and inaccurate guide was written only hours ago the 'threat' itself is a pathetic hoax at least eight years old.
Like most of these things it rears its ugly head every couple of years and there's always some idiot ready to run through the streets screaming " The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling...

It is truly sad that someone could be so irresponsible as to post such DANGEROUS rubbish without bothering to check the facts. All it takes is a few seconds with google...

The Facts

  • This is a Hoax, a DANGEROUS Hoax.
  • There is no such drug as Progesterex.
  • There is no commercially available sterilisation drug for horses.
  • As far as I know there is no substance that, in a single dose, would render any mammal permanently sterile.
  • If a rapist didn't want to be identified by a paternity test he wouldn't sterilise his victim, he would use a condom.
    And if he didn't take that simple precaution the Police wouldn't have to wait nine months for the birth to identify him, they would already have his DNA!

The Horses Mouth

If you ever receive an email telling you something worrying like that totally discredited guide and you want to know the truth you should go to the undisputed expert on Urban Legends and Internet Hoaxes ... the one and only Snopes.

This man is a genius, he has written a number of books on 'Urban Legends' and runs the definitive web site on 'Urban Legends' and their modern day offspring 'Internet Hoaxes': "".

If you would like the lowdown on this particular hoax just copy this "" and paste it into your browser's address bar...

The Tell Tale Signs

This guide has all the markings of a hoax;


Hardly anybody writes anything sensible or worth reading all in UPPER CASE.

Warnings Of Mortal Danger

These hoaxes nearly always warn of impending doom; Exploding Cacti, Kidney Thieves, AIDS Mary, Mexican Dogs... You name it, they reckon it's waiting round the next corner ready to pounce.
That Guide Says:

FOAF (Friend Of A Friend)

These hoaxes always come from a Friend Of A Friend or, in this case a Forum.
That Guide Says:
Personally, I would be more inclined to believe the story if it came from a reputable news site like the BBC or Reuters and even more so if a verifiable link was included.

Spread The Word

Like viruses these things are no good unless they multiply so...
That Guide Says:
Hopefully I don't have to tell you but Please DO NOT Send These messages To ANY Of Your Friends.
If you do they may not be your friends for long!

The Voice Of Authority

These hoaxes always quote someone with authority, and these quotes are always false!
That Guide Says:
Believe me, they are not.
And neither are the " Progesterex Survivors' Federation" nor the " Drug Induced Sterility Advisory Council".

A Bit Of Fact, A Lot Of Pseudo Science

They always include a bit of fact but wrap it carefully in a lot of gobbledy gook.

Start off with something frighteningly real, eg: the date rape drug Rohypnol and throw in something totally false but make it sound just genuine enough to fool the average person.

In this case the name of the mythical drug Progesterex sounds ever so slightly like the female hormone Progesterone and, for a lot of people, that will be enough to tip the balance and make them believe this pile of crap could be real. " Well, they would call it that, wouldn't they?"
That Guide Says:
Note the little details; " SMALL DISSOLVEABLE TABLE", that's a nice touch. Personally I'm a little surprised they didn't add " COMPLETELY COLOURLESS AND ODOURLESS" or " TOTALLY UNDETECTABLE".


They tend to have spurious facts and nearly always quote exact numbers of victims (usually large). Genuine news items of this sort only usually quote exact numbers where single figures are involved.
That Guide Says:

And Finally...

I started off by saying this was Dangerous nonsense and feel I should clarify that comment;
    Imagine you are a woman who has suffered the absolute horror of data rape and then have the misfortune to discover and read that sick pack of lies.

    What if you long to have children [a basic human instinct] and, because that rubbish tells you " PROGESTEREX EFFECTS ARE PERMANENT NOT TEMPORARY SO VICTIMS WILL NEVER CONCEIVE..." your worst fears seem to be coming true.
    So, already vunerable and seriously depressed from your terrible experiences you now believe you are sterile and will never know the true joys of parenthood.

    People have killed themselves over considerably less than that.

Yes, that so called guide is RUBBISH.
Honestly, that pathetic excuse for a guide is DANGEROUS RUBBISH and if you do bother to read it I implore you to treat it with the comtempt it deserves.

The majority of eBay guides are written by people who know what they are talking about and think before they put fingertip to keyboard. Let us work together to maintain the high standard of ebay Guides otherwise all we will have is dangerous, cruel, heartless and sensationalist rubbish like THAT OTHER GUIDE.


That Dangerous Guide Now Deleted

During a regular audit of my guides [9th Nov 2007] I found the original dangerous and inaccurate guide which prompted me to write this [helpful and informative] warning had been deleted. Hoorah! The last time I checked that woman's guide had received a large number of negative votes so, presumably, the author decided to get rid of them by deleting it!

Thankfully she did not pull her usual despicable trick and publish that guide four or five times with different keywords. She has done that with every other guide she has written and it has illegally boosted her eBay ranking. I find it terribly sad that some people have to lie and cheat to become a top ranking reviewer. Personally, I would rather rely on the standard of my writing.

I will, however, be leaving this guide active as I feel it is still relevant - she might just republish her guide or some other idiot may post something similarly dangerous without thinking - and in the hope it may relieve the fears of even one single worried person. If so it will have done its job...

Another Fulse(sic) Guide

Oh Dear.
Yet another eBay idiot spreading fear and doubt in a semi literate guide which starts off by saying Progesterex DOES NOT EXIST [ TRUE] but then goes on to imply it does  [ FALSE] I quote;

" Who cares about the right name of the drug or how the 'stories' came about or the information in these 'stories' being false."

Well I for one do. The truth matters... because it is the truth! Some people will read your lies and think you know what you are talking about.

Let's get it right mate, there is no right name for that 'drug' because it doesn't exist and spreading lies like you have been doing simply adds to the confusion in some people's minds by spreading FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
You might as well go to a gig, wait until the place is packed to overflowing with excitable people, throw a bunch of candles tied to a kitchen timer in the air and start screaming " Oh My God, It's A BOMB". The result is the same - people will get hurt.

To give credit where it is due, they do end up by giving one piece of very good advice;

" Watch your drinks, and your friend's drinks when you are out."

If you read my guide you will see I have never denied the existence of 'date rape' [although I hate the term because it trivialises a very serious and truly appalling crime] or 'date rape' drugs - they do exist - and I have always instructed my children in safe behaviour and, in particular, 'party ettiquette' so let me clarify my message for the 'hard of thinking'.
  • So called 'Date Rape' drugs do exist and everyone - male and female - needs to be aware of them and be hyper vigilant when in the company of strangers [and, sadly, some of their 'friends'].
  • Progesterex - OR ANYTHING LIKE IT - does NOT exist.
I wrote this guide nine months ago to put the record straight and assuage people's fears. My intention was to disprove the lies and give people the truth, to empower them. So if you, or someone you know or love, were unfortunate enough to have been the victim of such a heinous crime the last thing you [or they] would have to worry about is that you [or they] might also have been forcibly sterilised. No one needs something like that on their mind after suffereing such a terrible and horrific ordeal.

The whole Progesterex thing is a vicious lie, a cruel hoax, a sick joke dreamt up by a seriously sick mind and the people who insist on spreading it are either well meaning idiots or equally sick psycopaths.  The former can be educated by reading something like this guide. The latter, sadly, cannot and, sadder still, the internet seems to be their breeding ground...

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