PS1 Digimon World Review - 8/10

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Okay, so here's my review for Digimon World 1 for the PlayStation.

Gameplay and Story: 8/10
There are so many things to do in this game, from anywhere from battling to working out in the gym. There are also many different cards that you can get, different medals to reach for, 61 different digimon to raise and train, like Skullgreymon, and Megadramon. The main part of this game is that you are sucked into the digital world for the purpose of recruiting other digimon to join your town, with your pet digimon. To get these digimon, you normally have to do certain tasks, such as get a certain amount of digimon in your city before you can fight, and then finnaly recruit them. After they are recruited, they get jobs in the city to help you on your quest.To get your city repopulated, you need a strong digimon, which is why the gym is there. You can spend some time in the gym to get stronger, go out and fight one of the many digimon in the game, and you might learn a new technnique that you can use. There are also some very strong digimon you can get from all of this hard work, like the infamous skullgreymon or the powerful Megadramon.There is also a multiplayer versus mode, where you can use your saved digimon to battle theirs. I wouldn't call it the most exciting multiplayer mode ever, though. In fact, I might call it one of ther worst multiplayer setups ever. You can not use items, only the techniques that the digimon have, and if you run out of mp (and you will), it is pretty much an instant loss. On top of that, you have even less control of your digimon, have three "unique fighting stages to fight on, which, by the way, all have that small, irritating arena circle. All there is to do is click on orders you have learned and hope for the best. And it is only in this mode (unfortunately) that you can use machinedramon, a super-powerful mega digimon. Other than that, the highest level of digimon in this game are ultimates.

Sound: 7/10
The sounds definitely fit their environment. From the eerie music in Grey Lord's Haunted Mansion to the pumped action music for when you are in a battle. You can here everything, like footsteps to snoring, all except for the (very little) talking. I can't even begin to understand what they're saying, except for that one small part in the beginning where you are talking to all of your friends and playing a type of digimon battle game. Of course, most noises you don't need to understand, like battle cries.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are pretty good for a PS1 game, and you can easily tell one digimon from another. Just like with the sound, you can see everything, with a decent camera view and not many glitches.

Overall: 8/10
This game is good all around, and, having to choose between buying and renting, I would definitely buy it. I'm not entirely sure if you can still buy this game in stores, but you can buy it off the internet for less than ten dollars.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10
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