PS1 Gems - The Games You Have To Play!

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PS3 maybe here but with PS & PS2 games not being 100% compatible in UK - even though we paying more than most of R.O.W., who have got 100% backwards compatible- these are the PS1 gems you want to play whilst you can! Most should be able to be got for about £5 delivered from e-bay, (although that depends on how good a bargain hunter you are!) & are excellent value for that price- go buy!

(We all know Silent Hill, Final Fantasies, Point Blanks, etc are worth getting, but unlikely to get for under £5!)

In no particular order.......

Driver - Driving missions 70s style cars, real fun to drive, lots of driving games, also get to direct your own car chase movie & more! Excellent! 5 Star Game

Theme Park World -
There are some good sim games on PS, this has to be the best, especially for kids & newcomers. With mini games too, & a switch off-able helper, this will keep you busy for ages! 5 Star Game

Jade Cocoon - Cute RPG thats easy to get into, you can capture monsters & combine them! More enjoyable than the legendary Monster Rancher, highly recommended once past the start. 5 Star Game

HELP! (Compilation with Road Rash, Broken Sword & Myst) - Total Value! Road Rash is top fun bike racing with fighting too, Broken Sword is excellent point & click game, Myst is one of the best sellers ever. Help is on e-bay at £5 or less at times, thats 3 games, great value for £5! 2x 5 Star Games. 5 Star Value

Ape Escape - Unique, adventure game, catching monkeys with lots of fun gadgets, best in series, dual analogue game. 5 Star Game

Bust-A-Move -
BAM2, but all are great fun puzzle games, frustrating & immensely enjoyable at the same time. 5 Star Game

Grinch - Dr Seuss Grinch game set in Whoville, lots of Grinching to do, including breaking presents, defacing the mayors posters, all fun, with Dr Seuss style poems, & play as Max too! (dog). 5 Star Game

Koudelka - New to me, but excellent RPG set in Wales, Shadow Hearts prequel, great battle system, great atmosphere, engaging story line.(Havent completed yet but looks like 5 star game)

Total Drivin - With Rally, Buggies, Sports, Indy racing this is like 4 games & excellent value. (Check out the Scottish rally) 4 Star Game (x4), 5 Star value.

Oddworld Abes Oddysee - Cute & funny platform game, rescue Abes friends. 4.5 Star Game
(Abes Exodus, 4 Star)

Rugrats - Search Reptar. Fun kids game, with mini games inc excellent mini golf. 4.5 Star Game*

Gran Turismo - Still holds up, I had them all, GT4 & this one are what I kept. Excellent. 5 Star Game

Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped is amazingly diverse platform adventure 5 Star Game, but CB1( 4.5 Star),Crash Bash ( 4.5 Star)& CB2 ( 4 Star)are also great. (CB2 is graphically better than the first so if graphics are more important than gameplay add half a star! CB2 Also contains classic Polar Bear ride level)

Spyro 1,2,3 - All are great fun kids games, somehow more fun than the PS2 versions. Go figure! 4.5 Stars

Rayman - The first one, though all are fun, this one sticks out. Good modern retro game. 4.5 Star

Disney Games - Toy Story 2 (4.5 Star), 102 Dalmatians(4.5 Star), Hercules (4.5 Star) are all good games for kids (& adults!) who like Disney, but for adults who dont like Disney take 1 off the score.

Light Gun Games - (Check out my other lists) For under £5 Time Crisis & TC Project Titan are easily found, & both 4.5 Star Games, but look out for other games like Rescue Shot, Gunfighter, Ghoul Panic

* Rugrats suffers at times from 3d camera syndrome, occassionaly, but often enough to lose half a star. Other than that its a 5 Star kids game, that I love playing!

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