PS1 Parasite Eve 2 Review - 8/10

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Story - I'll just summarize the whole thing in my own words.... 3 yrs. had passed by after the N.Y. incident on the first Parasite Eve. Aya Brea left her job as a NYPD officer and is now on a special top-secret organization known as ''MIST'' (or FBI-MIST). A new era of mitochondria creatures are arising. And so once again, it is Aya's responsibility to take action against these powerful strange creatures....And you thought the nightmare was over huh?

Gameplay - The gameplay is tight. But however, the directional controls are messed up, Squaresoft made a mistake by changing new controls on this one instead of just leaving it like on the previous one. But it's otherwise a still great game. I'd suggest on using the analag joystick when playing this game. Also, Aya's running speed has been improved quite a bit, she now runs faster than how she runs on the first one. The menu options has also been improved. You can now add attatchments to your body armor and even to some of your weapons. Thus, this makes the game a bit more realistic and more challenging to play.

Graphics - Graphics is just awesome. I notice a bit of improvement on the visuals compared to the previous Parasite Eve. The visuals can be more improved if you play Parasite Eve II on the PlayStation 2. It also has less loading times and better picture quality. Oh and, the FMVs are really cool. Squaresoft did a very neat job on the CGIs and such.

Music/Sound - The sound fits the game's mood and the quality really hits the crisps. Naoshi Mizuta did a really good work on composing and arranging the original soundtrack for this game. I would suggest on getting the videogame OST of this game if you like collecting videogame soundtracks. But I think the OST of the first Parasite Eve was better than this one. It's still pretty good though.

Replay Value - Of course! I got the game last year of October (2000) and I'm still playing it. I finished the game 4 times and I still don't find it boring. I would rate the funfactor on this game a scale of 9/10. There are a few bonus game modes you'll have to uncover to get some items not in the original mode. So it's worth playing this game over and over. The diffuculty on this sequel is also more challenging than the first one. So I'd say you're gonna have some tough time going through this game. Improved graphics, gameplay, storyplot, options and AI's....what more could you ask for for a replay value?
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