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When I first heard about this game I thought, 50 has lost his mind. In the past month or so he has announced many projects such as his movie, his book, and last but not least his very own video game. We all know that when an artist or actor tries to use his likeness and voice in a game it's usually not very good. For example 187: Ride or Die had alot of celebrity talent. BUT IT SUCKED! But 50 Cent: Bulletproof is a totally different story. This game is actually pretty good. Here's the Down Low on 50's new game....

Story 10/10: Well where do I begin, at the beginning of the game you start off shooting at a bunch of guys from a SWAT team or something. During the course of the game 50 gets shot...and yes he does get shot 9 times. During the course of the game 50 will try to look for the guy who tried to cap him. The story in this game is really good and it even has some familiar faces. In the game you'll see everyone from G-Unit such as Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck. There are other famous rappers such as the always controversial Eminem as an FBI agent. Dr. Dre as Grizz a war veteran who got out the military and lived on the streets as a thug. All these characters will help you fight as 50 looks for the people who tried to kill him.

Gameplay 9/10:The gameplay in 50 Cent Bulletproof is pretty good. The game is pretty much a lot running and gunning. The controls are easy to pick up and play. The controls are L1 to crouch, R1 to shoot, R2 to switch weapons, The right analog stick is to aim, the left analog stick is to move, d the d-pad is to change songs, square is to reload/interact, x is to jump, triangle is to pick up weapons for dual wielding/diving and circle is to grab people and use them as hostages. The game is pretty good but I can't really say 50 Cent is actually "Bulletproof" because when you get your armor shot up you get killed REALLY FAST. I can't really say the enemies are "smart" because they won't run for cover when you shoot them, they'll just stand there. You can do what is called a Critical Kill and you can disarm and kill an enemy. The critical kills are cool but sometimes the camera adjusts to where you can't see what 50 is doing. This game isn't exactly like GTA because you can't drive vehicles, There's no free roaming enviorments, and you cant kill random people. The way you get to missions is you go talk to people like Einem or Dre and they give you missions. Then you have to get on to the subway train to get to the junkyard, or wherever the mission takes place. The gameplay is great despite a few camera problems.

Sound 10/10: The guns sound real, all of 50 Cent's songs are on the game. The voiceacting is really good too. You can also change the songs whenever you want. One more small bonus is that you get some of 50's music videos.

Graphics 10/10: The Graphics show off the PS2s potential and I have to say the game looks great.
Rent or Buy: I would say if you don't like 50 Cent that much then rent it. But if you're a 50 Cent fan buy it because all the little extras are great. But in my book this game is a definite BUY.

Overall 9/10: The game is good but it has a few little problems that if the developers would have taken a little more time it coulda been perfect.
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