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American Chopper, one of the more audience attracting television shows on the Discovery channel. Paul Sr, sons, and other workers customise specialty motorcycles for clients with great deal, all with intensive detail all with the family drama that lies behind it. A game of this would prove to be a very intriguing sim game where players could design there motorcycles to a very unique craft.....well at least they would if the game wasn't just racing.

Game Play: 4/10
To my dismay there is very little of any actual bike customizing here. The whole career mode consists of 8 chapters including a prologue and a special "Daytona" chapter. At the end of each chapter you get to pick a style for 2 or 3 bikes for your own bike that you'll use later in the game. For example at the end of the chapter 1 you choose one kinda of frame and engine you want. At the most you get three different styles for each part. The only styles for engine are rigid and chrome. There is little to no "sim" factor. The game is mainly racing based, and believe me the races get very boring. You play the "new guy" at American Chopper and pretty much play the goto guy. There are races such as drag, checkpoint, and poker run. Drag races, require you to use manual shift. Poker run is a game where you play against other bikers and head to five checkpoints. At each checkpoint you get a card. After visiting all check points to change cards. You must get back to the starting point before time runs out and whoever has the best poker hand wins. All in all the races are just to long. There is one mission where your headlight goes out and you must make it home before dark. It takes 8 "eternally long boring minutes" to do it. Point is, too much racing not enough custom mode.

Story: 7/10
The story is actually somewhat played off well. In between missions we see cinimatics of conversation between members of American Chopper as well as voice overs of a narrarator dictating the story. Some of the characters acting is very stale but you do get to see some of the drama that occurs on the show.

Graphics: 5/10
The city that you play in is very country like and rather bland. You spend a lot of your time on a boring highway with fields on both sides. All in all the whole thing is just very plain, bland boring. The sound is alright, nothing spectacular. Some of the effects are just plain weird. For instance, when you pass a competitor in a race, you here this insanely obscure grunt that sounds like Godzilla. Makes you wonder.

Replay: 2/10
As I was playing this game I kept thinking to myself "It's gonna get better, it's gonna get better, it's gotta get better" dice. If you can get through half this game, props to your persistence. Really, you'll see no point in playing through it again.

Rent or Buy: Rent
I work at a video rental store so I got to take this home for free. I'm disappointed because I'm sure I could of brought something better home. I rented it for free and I feel cheated. Go play Monster Garage, at least you actually get to build in that.

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