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I traded in an old game and saw this lying there on the shelf. All the reviews I had read were so wide-spread that it was impossible to tell if it was any good at all without trying it out. ie some give it 2/10 and some say 9/10.
However, I'm now about 20 hours into it and the tension is tearing me apart !

Ok - the graphics are nothing special whatsoever. However, it's set in the desert (didn't Saddam tell you that ?!)
so you can't expect minute detailed graphics of sand dunes can you ? Dunno myself. The movement is nothing special - however, this game makes up for it in other ways.

Sound: 7
Not sure what people are to expect. War is war and so you're gonna get explosions and gun shots - not sure what else you can expect. I mean if you watched a war film about the second world war tv then you'd be surprised if they had sound effects for light sabres,aliens and monsters in there as well.

Controls: 7
A bit of getting used to. Mostly ok - the worst part though is if you're running from an enemy and you try and change weapons on the hoof or while you're hiding then the enemy still get closer and can still shoot you while you're playing about with the weapons menu.
The options for the group behaviour take a bit of getting used - for missions after the first mission you can control your entire team - where they hide, weapons they use, whether they lie down or crouch and when they shoot.
If you don't aim manually then you can may need to shoot several times to kill - manual aim though you can get him in one shot.

Gameplay: 9.5
This is where all the action is and as such I rate it as being better than Medal of Honour. The tension is incredible. I'm guessing the professionals who use this game daily will have lost their fear of the enemy but I started on the normal level and spent 5 hours on the third mission yesterday. The control over other members in the team is superb. You really do need to make sure your guy with the C4 explosives is safe. Various members will run out of ammo and so you've got to make sure you can give them extra ammo when needed. eg there's no point in having your guy with the sniper rifle in a sniping position if he has run out of ammo. Therefore you need to swap him out with another member of your team or run over to him and give him ammo. Your team will go wherever you put them.
Outflanking your enemy is a good option - make sure you have your guys in sniper positions overlooking where you need to go so if an enemy crawls out of the woodwork your guys can take them out as you run for cover. If your guys take too many hits they will die and you've got to get one of your guys over to him to give him the medikit. As I said you need to keep your team alive as long as possible as the enemy doesn't get any easier and they're always picking your guys off - so keep them hidden and lying down behind and make sure your enemy is flanked on the left right and centre ! As for the tension - the enemy infantry have been spotted - you're in no mans land - luckily your guys took him out - this time !
You can swap control over to a different member of your team at any time - to get them in just the right place to cover you as you advance or to snipe the enemy out from a long distance as you approach.

Life Span: I can't wait to get back on it. Haven't put it down in a week yet.

The tension and the team work do it for me. You really will have to think on your feet and think of ALL the members of your team because if you think you can just get them to follow you about and shoot at the same time as you and at the same targets as you then you're going to lose men pretty quickly.
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