PS2 Downhill Domination Review

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" Dominate Downhill"

Incog is sure making a name for themselves. Whether its for their twisted series of metal binding vehicle combat games, or their ventures into darkness with the same series, they have brought us things that we can only simulate with matchbox cars, and have fixed us up where others have failed in such a genre. Lacking possessive, murdering clowns, and king monsters, it is hard to believe the team in development was in fact Incog. If the game were a bit more bogged down, seemed a bit slower, and had terrible tricks, then I would have guessed it was a skewed acclaim game.

Although the game is the first good Downhill Racing game I have played for the next generation, where it falls a little flat is how it imitates the SSX games in so many ways. It almost abuses the formula, adds tires, a frame, and throws you down a mountain. Although compared heavily to SSX, it does have its own sides of personality, and original taste. Unfortunately this great side of the game we do see, at all other times seems a bit boring. Being the downhill racer that I am, I can credit this game from being semi-realistic, but also being a bit off scale at times.

The gameplay hucks the game above previous competition, as you ride down the mountain, and torture fellow riders right off their bicycles. You can soon upgrade so you can throw water bottles, hit them with sticks, and some other deranged things. The tricks in the game are not what I would call wide and varied, they are all fairly alike, but counter back when you actually pull some of the better tricks. Although the games tricks are rather catchy and addicting, you can easily get through the game without pulling one of them, but its so tempting, and looks sweet!

Spanning such different personalities as a Hawaiian surfer buff, and an English-looking soccer player, the game also boosts quite eccentric levels, which may be the first thing you'll notice In play, as animals are running every which way, and lighting is flashing all over the place. The courses are a bit long, taking you are three minutes each which is great because I can get down the SSX courses a lot too quickly. If I wasn't sure the game was made by Incog, I would swear its an EA game, because it certainly holds true to their extreme sports standards.

The levels are just so huge, and amazingly developed. The courses change while you ride, one minute you will be going down a waterfall, and the next up a long dirt hill. The game relies heavily on cheap shortcuts, without them you definitely not getting anywhere. Some tracks resemble some what of a motocross feel, but most of them feel alright. One good thing to consider is that the frame-rate stays up well, which is something Incog has needed to improve in previous games.

Taking a laconic look at the game I would say something like “Its SSX on wheels” or “EA and Incog were made for each other.” Either way seems to work in this case. The best part of the game is the “moshbowl” part where you assume the role of a biker riding upon a bowl, pushing to knock your characters flat on their dominated anal areas. There is also a “Super Jump” mode, why it was just super!

Incog has found a way to vivify an intense feeling of speed and slap it onto a downhill biking game. Now keep in mind this isn't BMX, or Street Racing, so don't expect Lance Armstrong, or Mat Hoffman to show up anytime during your races. What really makes Downhill Domination stand out from other extreme sports games is its incredible sense of speed. The AI is pulling no cheap shots, they'll crash and burn just as you do. Just wait and see, it's like playing real people…but not!

Although this may be the dumbest thing you have ever heard, DD is processed through the exact engine that powers Twisted Metal Black, and War of the Monsters. No wonder Incog's having such good luck with their games, they all have the same engine! What I did find odd while playing the game was that it was littered in EBay, and Amazon adds. Weirdness.

The game loops drop dead…like downhill racing, it has its similarities with real biking, but tends to stretch the limits on numerous occasions, bumping it down to a unrealistic feel that they probably wouldn't even sell a copy of the game without. The characters are just a bit lame, and for the most part stereo-typical. What falls on its face is the sound and overall audio quality, yuck.

Downhill Domination is quite possibly the best biking game and needs to be played as a biking game, while it isn't fair to compare to
SSX, I'm left with no other choice. The game is fast paced, and has a real taste of excitement.

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