PS2 SSX Tricky Review - 10/10

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It’s been out for awhile and is more of an SSX 1.5 than a squeal. But SSX Tricky is still an absolute MUST HAVE ps2 game!!!

The original SSX engine reworked to be smoother, crisper and faster. The character models are more detailed and the animation is silky smooth. There is more detail and new effects, including a great new mist effect. The frame rate in the multiplayer is now up to speed with the single player; both running at 60fps and the draw distance has been increased. The tracks look SO much better than any other snowboarding sim out there. There are beautiful waterfalls, fantastic fireworks, gorgeous ice tunnels and sumptuous snow. Each track is nothing short of a masterpiece.

The fantastic sound track really drives the game. Every time the Tricky meter fills up you are congratulated with the chorus of RUN DMC’s “Tricky”; and when you’re in mid-air the music turns down and the noise of the wind increases; and when you discover a short cut the music changes. Little features like really add to the experience.

Tricky features an all star cast of celebrity voice actors; including David Arquette, Lucy Liu, Oliver Platt, Billy Zane and more. And how could I forget the excellent commentary from Razeil.

Tricky is purely and simply addictive. It mixes learning with reward and puts all other snowboarding games to shame.

There are a whole host of crazy characters to master, each with a different set of skills and tricks. Some are speed demons, while others are trick masters. You can boast your characters skills by taking him or her through World Circuit mode.

World Circuit is where you can unlock most of the games goodies; from boards to costumes, to extra tracks and riders. In World Circuit you can choose from race or showoff events. In Race mode you compete in three races per track, in which you have to come in the top three for each to qualify for the next round. To spice things up you can make friends or enemies with the other riders; a friend will let you overtake them and will take out your enemies; an enemy will try and knock you off your board at any chance they get (luckily you can knock them off too).
In Showoff mode you have to pull off as many high scoring tricks as you can and finish the course before the time runs out.
Each track will vary slightly for Race and Showoff. Showoff has extra jumps and grinds, while Race is more streamlined for speed.

The controls are simple and it’s easy to just pick it up and pull off some cool tricks. But pulling off harder more impressive tricks will take practice. The tricks are crazy and really impressive, especially the new Uber tricks. To do an Uber trick you must fill up your boost bar, by doing lots of tricks without falling down. Once it’s full find a big jump then press one of the shoulder buttons and square while in mid-air. Pull off six Uber tricks and your rewarded with infinite boost for the rest of the track. My favorite Uber trick involves break dancing on the board, mix it with a Misty flip and it looks WILD.

The tracks are brilliantly designed. There is nothing quite like shooting in to the air off a giant ice ramp or snowboarding down a waterfall or boarding down a pin-ball machine! It’s never a case off just snowboarding down a mountain. Track locations vary from mountains, to cities, to ice-burgs, to pin-ball machines; and all are packed with crazy short cuts. There is never a dull moment.

There are medals to win, stats to build, scores to beat, short cuts and alternate routes to discover; and not to mention characters, boards, costumes and tracks to unlock. Out of all the games in my vast collection I find my self revisiting this one the most. There is SO much to unlock, discover, play and re-play it will keep you going for ages. The two player will lasts forever.

DVD Extras
Excellent incite in to how the game was made. It explains how the tricks, tracks, characters and songs were made. There are also interviews with the celebrities and a great jukebox feature!

BUY. This game is any absolute must have! But be warned you’ll never be able to play another one of those “realistic” snowboarding games again
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