PS2 Tony Hawks Underground 2 Review - 8/10

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Well first off, I would like to say that I did buy this game the first day it came out because I am a fan of the series and I have beat all the games ever since they first came out. I thought even if this game was not going to be all that good, I would still buy it because I bought all the others before. So now on to the review.


The gameplay is great. If you are familiar with the series then the controls will be easy to use with a few minor adjustments here and there. There are some new controls as well to add to the controls list. Now you are able to do new tricks and even flips. However, there are some glitches at times like slow down of the game or getting stuck in an area while in the air but they are not that bad. I heard about a save getting messed up from a memory card error when the game freezes but it has never happened to me so it could be rare. All in all, the gameplay is great and there is a few faults in it but we can look past that.


There are some new things about the modes. I'll start by saying this is like two games in one because of Classic Mode and Story Mode. You can choose either one to play and they both have their own twists and turns. Also, they have added some new changes in the Create-A-Modes which are pretty cool. I haven't experienced 2 Player Mode all that much but I heard it was fun although you can not do the slow motion focus. Online Mode is something I never have seen because I do not own the adapter but that is one reason why people bought this game. This game has a lot of stuff to do if you have all the right equipment for it.


The graphics are good but they do look a little bit like cartoons. I could care less though as long as the graphics were not like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1. The levels look really good overall and so does everything else. The soundtrack to the game is pretty good and I usually don't like the punk and rock music. They have a wide variety of songs from Johnny Cash to The Ramones and so on. The sound during the levels is good too, the voices of people and the board and all of that. The graphics and sound are probably one of the games best parts.


The replay value is high but then it slips away if you are not into beating the game over and over on different difficulties. You could play this game all the time if you liked to play around and do tricks everywhere. So it just depends on who you are to figure out the replay value. For me, it is high because even after I beat this whole game, I will be playing on free skate or trying to get high scores every now and then. I do think the game is a little repetitive though but it is still fun.


If you are a true fan of the series then you should buy this game to add to your collection but if you are not then you should just rent it and see if you like it. Not everyone will feel the same about this game so renting is the best way to find out.


This game is pretty good, it has its ups and downs. The levels are great, the tricks are too. The new stuff is okay because they could have added more but I think Neversoft is running out of ideas. All in all, I would be giving this game a 8 out of 10 because of this. I hope if they release another addition to the series that it will be the best

Score 8/10
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