PS3 Eye of Judgment TCG - Card Rarity Guide

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Eye of Judgment Card Rarity Guide


Eye of Judgment is an interactive TCG for the Playstation 3 that allows players to use physical cards encoded with CyberCode's with the Playstation Eye Camera to play the game.  The cards 'come to life' on the screen when placed underneath the camera and allow you to battle the computer or other players from all over the world.  The game was released in October 2007 and has been in demand ever since, with the starter decks and booster packs/boxes being in constant limited supply.

Card Types

The game is made up of several types of cards and several levels of rarity.  The rarer the card, the more valuable it is - this is usually due to the fact that they are the most powerful cards in the game, but also because people like to complete their set's of cards.  The card breakdown is as follows (from rarest to common):

  • Phantom Cards

These cards are the rarest to obtain.  They are also amongst the most powerful cards in the game.  You will notice from the image above that there is no information on the card, hence the name Phantom.  Once you put the card under the Playstation Eye Camera all the data becomes available onscreen.  If you have one of these cards they can fetch a lot of money on eBay - Set 1 Phantom cards were selling for upwards of £30 on release.

  • Ultra Rare Cards

Indicated by a gold diamond in the right of the card picture, they are the 2nd rarest cards in the game.  Again these are very powerful cards and demand quite a lot of money on eBay - Set 1 Ultra Rare cards were selling for upwards of £15 on release.
  • Rare Cards

Indicated by a silver diamond in the right of the card picture, you get 1 rare card per booster pack.  Certain rare cards are more valuable than others due to their use ingame so it is quite hard to tell the value of your rare cards.  It all depends on what the most popular cards at a given time and their use in tournaments is a good indicator of this.
  • Uncommon Cards

Indicated by a white diamond in the right of the picture, you get 2 uncommon's per booster pack.  Some become valuable depending on their use in the game but in the majority they are best sold in groups and not as singles.
  • Common Cards

Indicated by a black diamond in the right of the picture, you get 5 common's per booster pack.  Here at MechaCubic we have so many of these we are tripping over them!  Best sold in full sets or as we do here at MechaCubic - given away as freebies!

Further Information

Below are some great sites for the latest information on Eye of Judgment.  Be sure to check out MechaCubic's eBay shop and webstore for some great offers too!

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Search the Web:  Black Cubic
Search the Web:  EOJ Card Manager
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