PS3 Game Review: Journey Collectors Edition

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PS3 Game Review: Journey Collectors Edition.

First of all I need to apologise as this was meant to appear in the Reviews Section but has appeared in the Guides Section instead!
I recently bought the PS3 game Journey Collector's Edition after seeing Journey win a game's award on tv.
The Collector's Edition wasn't available in the UK at that time (it is now) and you can also download these games seperate on the PSN.
Thankfully someone decided to put this trio of games on one disc which allows those like myself that don't use their PS3 online to play and enjoy these three games (+ 3 mini games).
If you are on a UK PSN account then you won't be able to access some of the bonus goodies and will need a US PSN account (for the US version of the game).
The 3 games that you can play are: Flow (2007), Flower (2009) and Journey (2012).
All 3 games (+ the 3 mini games) have to be installed on your hard drive first in order for you to play them.

The first game on the disc is FLOW (2007) you are a small creature / lifeform and has to travel / swim around the levels eating the other small creatures / lifeforms in order to become big enough to eat the much larger creatures / lifeforms.
To control your creature / lifeform you have to use the Sixaxis function of your PS3 controller to actually move about the level (sort of like a steering wheel motion but one that can be moved up and down as well as left and right).
To swim down part of the level you have to eat one of the red creatures / lifeforms and to swim up part of the level you have to eat one of the blue creatures / lifeforms.
The only button in the game is the boost button.
To eat something all you have to do is head towards it and catch it in your mouth.
Once all the smaller creatures / lifeforms have been eaten on part of the level you simply swim down and start eating the bigger creatures / lifeforms.
The biggest lurk in the bottom depths!
Once all the creatures / lifeforms have been munched up in all parts and depths of the level you seem to morph into a different kind of creatures / lifeforms and go through the whole process again.
I don't know how many different types of creatures / lifeforms there are and I have unlocked 4 but have only played it for a short time.
It is a simple,but yet quite strange sort of game but very enjoyable at the same time.
No high scores to beat or targets to reach and it is the type of game for when you just want to chill out and relax to and take a break from shooting someone in the head with an M16 Rifle or from racing down the street trying to lose cop cars on your tail.
Minimal music and sound effects but still very effective in adding to your gaming experience.

The second game on the Collector's Edition disc is FLOWER (2009) and wow what a visual treat for the eyes and a joy to play!
Again you use the Sixaxis function of the PS3 controller to tilt and turn to move about the level.
In this game you play as the wind and start off with one flower petal.
You then fly to a flower and by flying over the head of the flower it opens up and you pick up another petal.
Glowing flowers you have to collect to complete the level but non glowing ones are optional to collect.
By clearing all of the flowers in a particular small area you make the grass grow, colouring in that area which is a pretty neat effect!
Once the petals from all the glowing flowers have been picked up, a swirling wind will take you to the next level.
Again you one have one button to use and the Sixaxis movement of the controller.
Didn't like the Purple Flower level at all as it is too dark and difficult to see where you are going but the next level the Pink Flower level more than makes up for it!
Another simple game with stunnings graphics and chilled out musical score but also quite hypnotic and it is very easy to lose track of time while playing.
Really love the Flower game and it is so different and fun to play.

The third and final game of the trio is JOURNEY (2012)  and to think I found the first two games strange!
This is the type of game that you play, enjoy playing and then at the end say 'What was that all about?'
The graphics are simple yet stunning and thatgamecompany have hit the nail on the head by realising that less is sometimes more (so to speak).
You play as a creature / alien / and something that is like a Star Wars Jawa on stilts with a long Dr who type scarf.
In this game you use the left analogue stick to control you character and the right hand stick to alter the view.
The 'o' button is used for gathering flocks of little flying scarfs which in turn allows you to fly short distances by pressing the 'x' button.
The 'o' button is also used for unlocking temple stones which opens doors allowing you to progess furthur into the level.
The visuals again while fairly simple show a rich enviroment and the hot scorching sun reflects on the sand dunes in the opening few levels.
Not sure what is going on in the game but perhaps the game developers wanted us to go on a Journey and to make up the story in our own heads.
I have played the game for about an hour so far and am led to believe that it quite a short game and is only around 3 hours long.
The game seems to remind me of 'Ico' on the PS2.
The music has moved up a notch or two from the previous games of Flow and Flower.
The following three photos are of the UK Region 2 version of the game:

All 3 games on the Collector's Edition have simple but stunning visuals, ambient music and are a real treat and such a welcome alternative to the current crop of games.
There are also 3 mini games: Grave Diggers, Duke War!! and Nostril Shot.
I haven't played any of the mini games yet so I can't comment on them.
If you only buy two or three games this year then Journey Collector's Edition should be one of them.
To think that these are just the first 3 games from thatgamecompany and they have done themselves proud.
Thatgamecompany are 'ones to watch for the future' and you mark my words and remember that I said it here first on eBay (April 2013).
We salute you and can't wait to see what other tasty offerings that you have for us.
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Many thanks.
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