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*This is just a very short guide i have written a longer guide for people more intrested on upgrading there harddrives* Its pretty easy to do & doesn't void any warranty as you can access your hdd from the left side all u have to do is get the 5 screws out 4 holding the hdd to its cage 1 blue screw holding it to ps3 BUT be careful its very easy to round the heads down if not using right screw driver after that swap over hdd put it in sticker facing up same as original put screws back in theres no need to do em tight, Put back in ps3 Connect the wires switch on electric then turn on the PS3 Format drive takes 1 min & your new hdd is installed, User details, System updates & Playstation network freinds will be all there, Just not there mail or any other stuff on the original hdd (I recommend putting any important stuff what can be copy & transfered like Game saves or Pictures on SD cards, USB/PSP Memory sticks ect) I used a Western Digital Scorpio 2.5 inch Serial ATA or SATA internal harddrive, (I brought of EBAY from Singapore) You can use any size u want 80gb160gb,200gb,250gb or 320gb bigger ones are being made BUT i only no that they work upto 320gb as thats what ive tryed and am using in my PS3, Hope this has been helpful plz vote Thanks...
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