PS3 Region problems.

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To add to a review I've just read on PS3 games not being Region free.

I can't comment on that because I've got many games from the States and have never had a problem with them. Many games bought online are from the States even when purchased through a UK company, and I bought some unaware of this and they play fine. Where I did have a problem was when I bought COD 4, played online fine, but when I tried to download the extra maps from the playstation store they wouldn't play. I contacted Sony and the problem was that my playstation will automatically download the European version add-on as that is where we are. Because I have a US game the maps wouldn't play, and there was nothing I could do to correct this and get the maps apart from buy a UK game.

On the back cover there is a product code number and this will have either UK or US after it which will give you the Region.

As an aside Sony also stated that a PS3 machine can be bought anywhere and it will play anywhere in the world, leaving aside the power lead/plug issue. They did emphasised though that the machine must only be connected to the net and registered in the country you wish to use it as this is the set up software you will download, and you may get problems later such as that stated above.

Hope this helps.


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