PS3 - Why???

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PS3 for How MUCH????

OK another rant, but at the end of the day its YOUR money, looking around as you do i see PS3's on here (40GB) going for anything up too £300 plus - heres and idea, that may or may not have occurred to you all, look on play, argos etc... RRP around £299 Play is £289, OK i cant afford one - yet (im gonna wait till the faulty ones come down in price and fix the bugger myself)  it will be the laser, it  always is with Sony PS.. easy and cheap!!!!  So dont be fooled into thinking e-bay is cheaper - coz it aint always!!!  As i say its YOUR money!  Another little gem i picked up you get a nice 60Gb one, 'oh that will play PS2 games' eeerr not always, ask the seller if it has been connected to the internet, Sony are updating firmware and killing the backwards compatiblity on these now - greedy, or what they dont you play those - classics, all they want is your money to add to thier vastly growing coffers.... be warned, you are probably better off getting a 40 Gb and keeping your dear old easy to fix PS2 (i have great respect for those) to play PS2 Games on - you know the ones you REALLY like!!!  give it another 3 - 4 months PS3 price will drop again....  mark my words..... up too you at the end of the day me thinks!!! have fun...  Look at Play, Amazon, Argos - even Tesco Direct etc.... get a better deal and it wount have benn connected to the t'inernet!!!

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