PS3 and PS4 Singstar Dance and Singstar Guitar CHEAPEST PRICE

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Singstar Dance and Singstar Guitar

eBay is not always the cheapest!!

Many people are bidding on the popular Singstar Dance and Singstar Guitar games on eBay for over £5.00 and more (sometimes a lot more).

At the time of writing this to let everyone know - Singstar Dance and Guitar are currently on offer at every retail store for only £4.99 each!!
So go to Argos (Dance is catalogue number: 928/4968 and Guitar is: 927/2190) or Amazon and look first!!

Also if you only want to buy one Singstar game you can download the Dance (move compatible function) or Guitar part free from Playstation network - then you can buy the songs you want from the Singstar store. As the games are currently so cheap you may as well buy both and save as it will work out cheaper than buying individual songs.


If you are unsure - you don't have to have the specific Singstar Microphones (the red and blue ones) - you can use any PS3 or PS4 usb microphone. I use a USB guitar hero one and its perfect. You can also use any PS3 guitar for the guitar feature in the game. If you have your old PS2 or PS3 Singstar Microphone these will work on the PS4 too! You can also download the singstar app on your phone or tablet to use it as a mic. 

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