PS3 are awesome and this is a 10min guide to a PS3

Like if this guide is helpful

All these items seem unbelieveable, i fully understand what your thinking..... Firstly your thinking How can i get anything i want for free. Secondly If its free why doesnt anyone else do it?

Well here is the answer.

The reason everything is free is because for each Referral/SignUp you receive, the company got money for that signup. So for instance, 12referrals for a PS3, the company gets enough money to buy you the PS3 and send it to you for your troubles and they make money. It is a business and a very big thing in the UK and USA.

Firstly, go to choose an item and click, from there you can pick your product and sign up.

Once signed up then complete an offer of your choice. This could take a couple of days to go threw but dont be alarmed its just checking to make sure everything is ok.
Once you have completed an offer, go and tell all your friends, family, everyone and show them what you have done and get them to sign up to your referral link.

Once you have done so your Item is sent, all pictures on this site are from a few people who have recieved there free items.
Good Luck All......

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