PS3 hdd upgrade from 40gb, 60gb to 250gb or 320gb..

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I just upgraded my 60gb ps3 to a 320gb. hdd i got of a great ebay seller from Singapore, It arrived within 7 days, So soon as it came i wanted to install it Simple Job But be warned the cage holding in the original hdd has got some rubbish soft metal screws holding it in, So i started to undo them got 3 out o.k BUT i rounded off the last 2 screws as i was using the wrong screw driver (Arrhhhh) So i phoned round a few local computer shops ect BUT no one could help me, So me & my partner debated on what to do next She said try Sony to see if i could buy a hdd cage directly from them BUT i thought of taking a Hack saw to it to try making a straight line in the rounded screws to undo it with a flat head screw driver (I no not the best idea) Anyway before i probably ruin my original ps3 hardrive trying to upgrade it like Sony allows ps3 owners to do without voiding any Sony warranty you might have, We phoned Sony up and they took PS3 details asked when & where we got it (11 months/Game) but its probably more like 15 months old anyway they said they think they should be able to help me BUT the person we spoke to first also said that they didn't have any in at the moment and if they could help it would be atleast 4 weeks So they said someone else would phone us back to let us no, I thought Great then 1 month seemed so far away, Me being impatient decided to try my way with a small very fine teeth hack saw I still need my original hdd to work as if i ever needed to send it to Sony or somethink for Warrentys ect i would have to put the original hdd back in it first, So i started to cut a line as deep and straight as possible whilst trying not to shake the hdd to much (Not easy) Took about hour & half then id got some nice lines in em I needed to make sure this time work as it was probably my only chance at undoing them Made sure i used a good size screwdriver then undone them both with a few tiny cut marks on the hdd cage Hdd was inside and looked ok BUT it had been shaked alot and the vibrations from cutting into the screws was pretty bad even though i was trying my hardest not to, So i made sure the tiny bits of metal & any dust was cleaned b4 trying it in my PS3, Put back in cage put screws in but only softly & loose, Then when ready I connected the wires, switched on electric, Turn ps3 on dredding what might happen But it worked fine (Lucky me) So i tryed few things to make sure after bout 15 mins I swapped over the hdd from my 60gb to my brand new Western Digital 2.5 inch Serial ATA (SATA) 320gb hdd brought on Ebay So i put it in just like the original was placed put screws in (Not tight) put it back in, Connected wires ect Turned it on then it said Do u want to Format this drive Pick yes took about minute to do then it loaded my user screen as normal signed in me then checked my hdd capacity 298gb left after Formated for use with the ps3, My PSN friends (Internet mates) and any system updates Where all still there Just not any mail, pictures,Game updates, Music, Demos, Downloaded games or anything downloaded from the Playstation Store or on the original Hdd Lucky for me i copyed my game saves & photos & some music I had to 2 SD cards & a memory stick, But if you aint got a 60gb PS3 you could use a USB memory stick insted for that (I did also try my 60gb harddrive in a 2.5 inch Serial ATA External case with USB 2.0 but ps3 didn't pick it up, The hdd was spinning in the External case what would power it up from the ps3 but thats all)(It works internally still) I downloaded & installed what i had on my 60gb in under 3 days (Not constantly) I then went on to download everything else in the ps3 stores and added 20 music CDs, 1150 photos and lots of extra ps3 themes you can find from Googleing (PS3 themes) Ive still got over 150gb. THEN after getting the 2 rounded screws out & swapping my hdd over We phoned sony about a PSP we have what is broke to see if they could help us with that (Ive also got warrantys in GAME for my PS3 & Kids 2 PSP We own) But 3 months ater getting a psp of them my kid said it stoped loading UMD games Everything else worked as normal Demos on memory sticks ect It had no External damage on it it had never been dropped, GAME Said they would exchange it BUT had none in white in So we would have to keep trying them But after 7 weeks still same bull s*** from em, So we told Sony about are problems they said they would exchange it as long as theres no external damage At the same time they spoke to us about the PS3 hdd cage what they had already sent out to me with screws the day after we spoke to them by post, Then they arranged a carrier to exchange it it come 4 days after speaking to them between 8am-6pm in a security box with tags what was opened in front of me then Signed 4 it and it was all FREE and hassle free unlike game, My mate had a PS3 what had a few problems So i told him and he got his ps3 replaced in a week, (If u are going to upgrade your PS3 hdd Just remember be careful with the screws and try undo them b4 your new hdd arrives try undo them So if u have any problems u can get a new 1 like i did, If i had known it would of been sent me that quick i wouldn't of took a hack saw to it And i dont recommend doing what i did even though it done the job i wanted my 60gb out to try it in the external hdd case i got to keep it in, Also i recommend alloting 10 gb to other OS with so much space (gb) For Linux ect after formating your new hdd B4 you download anything as you wont be able to l8r without having to format it again and looseing your stuff again But if your sure you wont want (YDL) Linux then dont do this, I Hoped this guide has been helpful P.S you can see videos on how to install hdd on ( But some information on the internet about the 320gb can be confusing so i wrote this to let people know the ps3 hdd can be replaced ive got a 320gb WD Scorpio Serial ATA 2.5 inch running great in my PS3 (External hdd are ment to work in FAT 32 with the ps3 but ive tryed a few with no luck and ive heard they dont hold games on them anyway, Internal hdd is easy to swap if you dont round the screws useing a cheap screwdriver like i did....
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