PSP Homebrew or Not + The pro`s and Cons

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Thinking of buying as PSP to play homebrew or not? firmware 1.5 or 2.0+ which??????

You see them advertised with every type of firmware IE 1.0  1.5  1.52  2.0  2.5 and so on so whats it all about??.

 Its an Excellent choice as its an easy to use fantastic handheld games machine and much more besides.

So you want cheap or free games?

To play pure homebrew ( these are copied games which come on cd or dvd and are obviously illegal copies, i shall refer to them as iso`s ) you need a psp with firmware 1.0 to 2.0 and once you have this firmware psp you still need to get lots of software and extra stuff onto the psp before it will play the games from the memory card.

Software such as fastloader for example and also the ability to downgrade it to a 1.5 version then you add the iso`s onto the memory card and go through fastloader to play them, you will need any game disk in the psp to be able to do this. This will invalidate your garantee or warantee and is illegal etc

Firmware versions above 2.0+ can only play most homebrew games through a cheat in GTA Liberty city stories game otherwise you have to purchase genuine games to play on the psp which is the legal way to go! if you want homebrew on a firmware 2.0+ then you need the gta game and also the save cheat or hack.

You can also alledgedly downgrade any firmware version to a 1.5 now and you can also purchase a mod chip that allows you to change the firmware at will again i havent tried this so i cant comment.

The Toss UP ???  cheap games from the internet with a light possiblity that you will brick ( destroy the machine code ) the psp which makes it useless! the psp will then be a dedicated games and films machine. 

If you buy a psp to play genuine games then you will be able to get all the downloads and also make it sing and dance via wifi, the internet, radio and lots more.

The choice is yours, free games or not free games?

There are many forums that disscuss this much more indepth on the www and this is just a quick and easy overview.

Try to AVOID US version psp`s as they usually cant do all that a UK or Jap psp can do.

UK or Jap psp? The uk version is ok but it has basic graphics compared to the ones that come from japan, the jap ones use sharp technology screens which are far superior to the ones you get on the uk versions. The one you want is a jap giga pack as thats the best, but remember the layout is the same but the keys work differently, this can be changed with some software downloads and again i have not tried it. 

Buying a USED psp is ok so long as it works and its not got too many scratches as they do scratch very easily.

Sony`s world dommination Let down: Sony should have put a gps chip and a camera in the psp as it would be even more unstopable as the most superior mobile games machine available!! anyway its still all good.

I hope this sheds some light on the psp??









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