PSP Pre-Approval Pyramid Selling Scam

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Be aware that there is a new "scam" propogating the PSP arena.

It relies on the fact that sadly there is a lot of false/spoiler bidding in certain areas of eBay (especially Mobile phones & PSPs from my experience)

As a consequence the "scam" runs like this:-

"Pre-Approval status" is requested for a low priced "Buy it now" PSP because the "seller" has had "problems with scammers".

On contacting the seller you get the response that the PSP has already been sold "locally".

But a helpful link to a "free" PSP website is included in the e-mail apology.

This link leads to a website where you have to sign upto "free" services and then if you get your friends etc. to sign up they count as "referrals" which count towards getting you a "free" PSP (about 6 referrals usually gets you a PSP).

The link you are helpfully sent of course includes an ID which traces back to the "seller", so when you sign up, you add to their "referral" count and the "seller" gets more freebies.

What the site gets if nothing else is that you have to disclose personal details and maybe credit card details even for the "free" stuff, so I would expect an increase in your junk-mail deliveries and have you every tried to get off a book-clubs register? After my wifes sisters death it was only the threat of legal action that got one book-club to stop sending books on approval, so beware of giving your details out.

I don't believe this is against eBay policies, as often the "seller" states the advertised PSP is also advertised "locally", I'm not saying you can't get a "free" PSP if you jump through all the hoops, but just beware that an offer that looks good may be an annoying dead-end unless you are going to get 6 friends to sign up to the "free" offers and don't mind helping the "seller" get more goodies.

Hopefully the changes to eBay's Pre-approval policy will significantly reduce this kind of activity

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