PSP Repair Guide Do Your Own PSP Repairs

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PSP Repair Guide

How the PSP Repair Guide Saved My Money


   I would like to share a resource guide which as been invaluble to me, it is called the PSP Repair Guide.

Going back only two weeks ago, I was happily playing my favourite PSP game Fifa 09 which I had paused for a minute and rested the console on the chair arm. I heard a dreaded crash and my beloved PSP had fallen on our wooden lounge floor. My worse nightmares were realised the screen had broken, I was gutted. I tried contacting local computer shops in the hope that they would be able to repair my pride and joy, but no luck whatssoever. I contacted the manufacturers direct but the cost was so expensive, it would of been cheaper to buy a new model if only I had the money. So in desparation I searched the internet looking for inspiration and this was when I came across the PSP Repair Guide.

I just had to give the PSP Repair Guide a try so I paid instantly by card, it cost me just a shade over £18.00 ( or $24.95) and it was delivered instantly as an ebook by email. I had no previous knowledge of the internal workings of PSP my limit was just pressing the buttons. The instructions included in the PSP Repair Guide were simple and easy to follow. I managed to change the screen on my PSP in less 10 minutes and it saved me masses of money. I am now back in full play mode but with the special bonuses included with the PSP Repair Guide my PSP now has some cool extra features which are the envy of my friends. Here is a great addon from the PSP Repair Guide I have loaded my full DVD collection into Sony MP4 format so I can view them on my PSP. One of the coolest features that  I wasn't awhere of is that with a little help from a game called Wipeout Pure you can browse the internet from your PSP.  I rate the the PSP Repair Guide highly and it was the best £18.00 that I have spent.

Take a look at the other features included with the PSP Repair Guide  or Click Here        

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