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Punching Bag:

Boxing training is one of the best way to get fit and stay active.  In every boxing gym you will find a heavy punch bag.  The reason being is because a punch bag is an essential part of a boxer's training programme to build stamina, develop punching power and practice combinations.

Shape, Sizes, Colour and Material:

Punch bags comes in all different shapes, size and materials.  The most common punch bags are the straight ones, these are available in all sizes from 2ft to 6ft, they are perfect for practising straight punches and hooks.

The straight bags are more practical for practising punches and elbow strikes, low kicks and high level kicks.  The straight bags are avaiable in Vinyl and leather.  The leather punch bags are heavy duty and built to take a pounding.  Our quality cowhide leather punch bags usually have an inner foam jacket for a more responsive feel and kindness to your hands and wrist.  At turner sports all punch bags are hand filled to give a greater  shock absorption.  The leather punch bags are more preferred than Vinyl bags.

However, punch bags made from PU, canvas and Vinyl are perfect for home use. 

The angled bag  has a much wider top and is tapered, this bag is most used for practising the upper cut and advanced combinations. 



punch bag

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