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Not much is spoken about pva apart from how good it is at helping us   to

Katch karp it is. When we decided to go into the pva business we looked

around the globe   at the different types of   products available to us. There

 were plenty of options open to us, but the product we finally settled on,

we feel was and has been justified, and   After much reading on the subject,  

 believe that we have made  the right choice, as we  endevour to bring

an environmentally friendly product to the market place.              


We   have had nothing but good reports back on these bags that are

 now being martketed.


Tests have been carried out on the raw material that this product is made

of, using overkill solutions. Fish were contained in tanks and different

levels of the product were introduced  over a period of up to 96 hours.  

ph levels remained constant 7.8     and although the dissolved oxygen

levels increased  very  very   slightly,  the captive fish remained in good

condition and fed  regularly on loose feed, 14 hours of daylight a day

was the norm during the tests.


a quote from the manufacturing company


"Effluent solutions containing PVA film are attacked by micron-organisms

 with the film decomposing to Carbon Dioxide and water. Exposure tests have

 been carried out with concentrations of 1000mg of PVA per litre of water on the testing

fish (Brachydanio rerio) with no ill-effects, this being far in excess of possible

concentration in ground water systems."


Our pva will start to rupture at approx  8-9 secs which compared to some

on the market is not bad in fact I have tried other leading companies and ours

is certainly better and in some cases as good as in others. 


When you read melt time 20 seconds or 30 seconds forget it. We

have sample bags that are 50  -  70  microns thickness and they

rupture at 15-20 seconds and believe me you wouldnt want to use

em for carp fishing. They are on about complete melt down times

 I,m sure.


Your bait, may on a very good day, get down up to ten feet,ish no

further I believe you may get a bit further down by using a double

bag, which is a good idea.


 Rupture time, is when the bag ruptures, meaning once this has happened

 bait will come out of the bag. and if it is still travelling to the bottom, it

will    not    arrive   all   in   one   piece.             Hope this helps    


So remember if anyone tells you different dont take no notice their

havin a laugh.

 Also I have noticed somewhere somebody saying that

thicker bags are good for winter as they melt quicker in the colder water??????????   

Right yea ...WHATEVER !!!!!!   . 


Pva will melt quicker in the summer in warmer water temperatures

and it will melt slower in the winter. So ideally you want a pva that

is not too thick so in the summer its gets you down to up 8 foot or so

and then in the winter 10 foot insnt too far out of the way. If you start

playing around too much you will end up with a bag that leaves a nice

bit of gunk around your line and will stay there for a long time to come. 

Hvaing said all this I,ll leave it up to your imagination as to which

type of bags we sale..?????????????? I hope I have been of some help.      

 Colin          KATCH KARP  


I think that the  reports we have been getting back go to show that this product is

not only safe but indeed very effective . We have been selling this pva product

 for only approximately just under three months . In this time we have sold

 thousands of pva bags. Here as  follows are a few fish that have been caught so

far using our bags, and to be honest It makes me personally feel very proud to be

part of the company, as our products already prooved to be and excellent

first class product, and we all feel that the sales will go from strength to



reports so far as carp are concerned are as per.

the top fish weight wise come in at 42lbs   and 47lbs   not bad

 I wish I had caught em. (both in the same weekend)

reports of 20s, three in a session, and so on   ,,,    

 30s   6 in a session

not bad  all uk fish by the way

Personal bests   have been falling

Barbel   10.02 onz         bream ?    

Catfish   to 23lbs

every day someone emails me with   thanks for the products

NEWS   in brief

new size on the horizon mini bags for ultra long distance

new range of bags on the way thicker plain slower melting to get down to

those deep bottoms   15 foot plus   i hope ,   fingers crossed

As usual tight lines to all of our customers old and new we will still be

 sending out free samples with all orders don't believe me order something

and see for yourself


pva carp fishing bags      made for you  

       TIGHT LINES     COLIN   


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