Packet Post and PPI - Odds and Ends

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Packetpost and PPI Odds and Ends

This guide is for those odds and ends which don't readily fit into the other guides which I've written on the same topics. Please let me know if there are any other queries which you have which would fit in here.

  • Why do your guides not link directly to sites like Royal Mail, so that I could find them more easily?
    • Under the rules of Reviews and Guides I cannot provide off-ebay links, so I've put them in a custom-page on my ebay shop, and linked out from there.
  • How do I weigh and average Recorded Delivery items?
    • there are two ways of doing this, I don't think it matters which you chose; either way you'll need a separate line on your OBA docket.
      • separate them out before averaging the weights - for instance, if there are 22 parcels, 2 RD and the rest standard, take one average of the RD and another average of the standard items.
      • do the averaging first and separate them out afterwards - for instance if there are 22 parcels, 2 RD and 20 standard, calculate the average for all 22, then use that average for both the RD line and the standard line.
  • What is the maximum weight I can send 2nd class?
    • 2 kg.
  • Does OBA become unavailable sometimes - system crashes, mtce, etc?
    • yes, once every couple of months or so.
  • What do I do about my post if OBA is unavailable for any reason?
    • different Revenue Protection Offices seem to have different ways of handling this, and you'll need to check with yours to find their preferred method
  • What should I do if I make a mistake on my OBA docket?
    • what you should do is ring the help-desk on 08457 950950 and get them to sort it out - and if you've put 450 items at 20g instead of 20 items at 450g then that's probably the best way to do it, although it will take some time. But if you put 10 items when you really meant 11 then just add it on the next time; that's what I do with no repercussions to date.
  • What Impression should I use for overseas and Special Delivery items?
    • for overseas items use first class, making sure to add Airmail or Surfacemail as appropriate.
    • for special delivery items use first class, and then add the special delivery label.
  • How do I claim for an item lost in post?
    • the same as you did before you started using OBA, basically - complete a Lost, Damaged or Delayed Inland Mail form P58 inland (2006), using a copy of your POP or RD/SD book as evidence.
    • RM also provides multi-claim forms if they lose a lot of your items, which you can get from their stationery department.


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