Packing Technics 1210 and 1200 for shipment

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Packing Turntables


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On many occasions have I recieved a turntable in poor condition with cracked lids, bent tone arms and other mishaps.

Turntables are extremely fragile items and todays couriers can be quite heavy handed so extra care MUST be made to pack these items correctly.

If you are buying tunrtables off someone please direct your seller to this guide.

Right lets get started!

1) If you have your original packing by all means use it. The manufacturers know what they are doing, you can skip out the following steps and go straight to step 11.

2) If there's a dust cover, remove the hinges (even if they are screwed on), pad it well and put it in a separate box. Dust covers are some of the most likley things to break in transit. The boxed dust cover can be put in the same box as the main unit as long as it has been boxed well.

3) Remove the counterweight and headshell to prevent stress to the tonearm and damage to the needle.

4) Clip the tonearm to the arm rest - if the arm rest is broken (some are) then you can use masking tape.

5) Remove the platter carefully by putting your fingers in the holes and pulling sharply upwards. If this does not work, give the spindle a gentle tap with a hammer as you pull the platter upwards. If you still cannot remove the platter make some cardboard shims and slide them between the platter and the main shell to prevent the platter from moving.

6) Wrap the platter and other accessories with bubble wrap or something soft - toilet roll works!

7) Wrap the cables together with electrical tape or similar.

8) Place the turntable in a binbag or similar- this will prevent water damage.

9) Get your box and pad the floor with about 2" of cushoning - screwed up newspaper, bubble wrap or styrofoam works.

10) Place your turntable in this box and pad round with the packing materials, making sure it's not too tight around the tonearm. There should be at leaset 2 inches of padding around every side of the turntable.Seal the box.

11) Find a larger box that is at least 2" wider than the 1st box in every direction and then pad the floor of the larger box, place the 1st box inside and pad tightley around so that there is no movement. Seal up the second box and you have your parcel. Put a fragile sticker on the outside.

Other useful tips:

Take pictures of your packing in each stage and if anything does go wrong you have eveidence that you have packed it using every possible precaution. Insurance should only be £10 and you will be insured up to £500

I use, excellent prices and you get a 5% discount if you register. Depending on box sixe, prices are around £12-£15 per turntable.

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