Packing and Shipping a Knitting Machine

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The lowest cost for sending a knitting machine through the post is by buying a 30kg listing from one of the Ebay courier services.

  • This usually costs approx £10 to £16 if sending the package within the UK. 
  • If the couriers use ParcelForce as their courier service, then your item will be tracked & insured for loss or damage. Make sure you put the right value for the item you are sending - if someone buys it for only £10 that does not mean the item is only worth £10.
  • You cannot send both the main bed & ribbing attachment in one parcel as this will exceed the weight.
  • The main bed will weigh approx 22kg & needs to be packed inside a long box which will increase the weight.
  • If you are able to securely pack your machine inside hard polystyrene (though the outer wrapping will need to be polythene or paper) and not use a box, then your weight may well be below 25kg (if a 25kg courier service is cheaper than 30kg that week - they vary).
  • You have plenty of extra weight quota left (up to 30kg) to pack the machine with padding & foam & newspaper to keep it secure inside the box.  You will know if your parcel is securely packaged if, when you have finished, nothing loudly rattles when you shake it.  Remember - the postman will be throwing your parcel around inside the truck.
  • Use LOTS of parcel tape.  Do NOT use string.
  • If your machine is not packed securely & is damaged in transit your claim for compensation will not be upheld.  This means that your customer can make a claim against YOU for the damage costs.
  • Do NOT buy a courier service listing before the item is sold or before you have the address as your customer might live in a remote area which costs more.
  • There is no reason why the customer cannot buy the courier service listing themselves.
  • Services I have used successfully are Parcelwide & Parcel2send - look for them in Advanced Search.

Overseas buyers continue to request the shipping costs on heavy items.  They do not appreciate our high postal rates & will not be able to afford them. The easiest answer is to tell them that each package will weigh 30kg and to go find out themselves how much it costs. If you do send something like this overseas then make sure you get the customer to pay the insurance.  

Some USA customers resent our high postal charges & make claims that the items have arrived damaged or not at all to get these costs reimbursed. I always report these buyers to ebay.  If a buyer has made the same claim against other sellers then ebay gives them a warning.




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