Packing heavy boxes for the courier system

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At Rockem Music we have learnt from experience: Sometimes bitter! How to pack heavier goods safely.  Here are a few tips:

Use the right size boxes.
Put heavy items in small boxes. Large boxes packed with heavy items are a common complaint of courier. They not only make the job harder but also have a better chance of breaking.  The smaller the box the less 'rattling ' around is allowed!

Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, lighter items on top.
Seems obvious but we sometimes receive items packed badly like this!

Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes.
Fill in gaps with clothing, towels, or packing paper. Couriers often won’t move boxes that feel loosely packed or unbalanced.  If they are taken on the pick-up from the courier damage is likely.

Tape boxes well.
Use a couple of pieces of tape to close the bottom and top seams, make a couple of wraps all the way around the box’s top and bottom edges, where stress is concentrated.  If the box is sealed all the way round then it can't really break-up.

Don't try and save a few quid!

It's well worth using lots and lots of packing materials at this stage.  For instance five pounds worth of bubble wrap used at this stage can save £££££ and lots of time dealing with the fall-out from badly packed items.  If in doubt well over-do it!! 

Top tip

Remember the rule: If a heavy item is packed well the courier company/driver is far more likely to respect the delivery than if he/she is presented with an unbalanced, over-weight badly taped box!!  This is a very important point - Perhaps obvious but often over-looked!!



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