Packing your item ready for posting

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Most of the feedback that I recieve compliments me on how well I have packed the item that I have sent so it looks like I am doing something right so I thought I would pass on some tips to others ! .

I know from experience that there is nothing more frustrating than winning an item that you really want on ebay then  it arrives in the post broken, so I take particular care on the packing side to stop others experiencing the same.

None of us want to loose the profit we have on the item by buying expensive materials to wrap it so look for the stuff you have lay around ! .

Old pillows and cushions contain a foam or cotton wool type of material and that is ideal to wrap and cellotape around the item before boxing and costs nothing ! , pop to your local £ shop and buy a roll of that odd wallpaper that they sell turn it back to front and you have a paper stronger and a lot cheaper than Brown paper ! you will get 6 months packing out of one roll !, another good outside wrap is a simple black plastic bag (bin bag), you can keep it flat for square parcels and it adapts easilly to those that are a difficult shape and the cellotape sticks well to it , keep some of those cardboard boxes you seem to get every day and also that annoying polystyrene , they might both look to big for what you want but with a little thought and a sharp Stanley Knife you can easilly adapt them to fit !.

There are loads of other things that can be used so just sit and have a little think.

One last word on this ! if the item that you have purchased is important to you and the seller isnt offering insurance ask them to add it for you and pay that couple of pound extra, the item might arrive damaged and thats sad but you can console yourself with the thought that at least you will get your money back ! ! !

Happy ebaying and good luck

Mal .


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