Packing your suitcase

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Packing a suitcase is a strategic exercise in maximizing space and minimizing wrinkles. You might already have a favorite packing system, but read on for more suggestions . 

Pack Clothing
1Step OneRemember this order of operations: shirts on the bottom, then dresses (if applicable), then pants.

2Step TwoStack tops, unfolded, by placing wrinkle-prone tops toward the bottom of a pile and less easily wrinkled ones toward the top.

3Step ThreeFold the sleeves in toward the shirts' torsos.

4Step FourFold the shirts in half from the bottom. You now have a rectangular bundle of shirts; place it in your suitcase.

5Step FiveDrape long dresses in the suitcase so that the ends hang over the sides.

6Step SixPlace pants and skirts on a flat surface; fold each in half lengthwise.

7Step SevenStack pants and skirts on top of one another, with easily wrinkled ones on the bottom and sturdier ones, such as jeans, on top. Fold the stack over, so that its length is halved.

8Step EightPlace your stack of pants and skirts on top of the dresses, then fold the ends of the dresses over the pants and skirts.

Pack Accessories
1Step OneRoll ties loosely.

2Step TwoStuff socks in shoes. Pack underwear in mesh laundry bags or side pockets to save space.

3Step ThreeArrange each pair of shoes so that the heel of one aligns with the toe of the other.

4Step FourWrap pairs of shoes in separate plastic bags, and place them along the border of your suitcase.

5Step FiveProtect clothes from leaks by placing toiletries in a plastic bag.

6Step SixPack essential toiletries in a carry-on bag. Include your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, medication and other important items.

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