Padded Envelopes - Which ones to use?

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Does it Matter

If you care about your goods arriving at their destination - it does!

There are many suppliers of padded envelopes both on and off eBay.  Some are manufactured by reputable suppliers who have years of experience of the packaging industry, and then there are others who do not have the proper quality control and supply sub-standard products.

They might be one or two pence per envelope cheaper, but is it worth saving a few coppers and taking the risk of the following

  • Bags from unproven suppliers might split at the seams in the post
  • The outer bag could be made of a sub standard material, causing it to tear in the post
  • The bubble lining is likely to be of a lower quality and loose its protective ability

All of the above could lead to damage or loss of goods in transit to your customer

Our Advice

We have tried both Mail Lite and Jiffy bags, as well as other branded and unbranded bags, and find both of these brands give outstanding protection and durability.

Our preference is to the Mail Lite Bag for the following reasons:

  • We have found that Mail Lite are lighter than other brands, therefore cheaper to post.
  • In most cases Mail Lite are 10% or more larger than Jiffy Bags.
  • Your are able to pack more in a Mail Lite due to the larger size.
  • Often you can use a smaller size in Mail Lite than Jiffy to send out the same order.

This in turn can SAVE YOU MONEY on your packaging costs

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