Pagan/Wiccan symbolism, spiritual guide to woods/gems.

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Blessed Be! Welcome to my guide. I will be adding to this frequently so please check back!

This list is not conclusive, and does not include all woods, initially it will consist of those utilised by Spirit of Greenman Wiccan Creations!




OAK- Most sacred of trees used by ancient and sacred religions. Used for Yule Log, home of Oak King, represents immortality, wisdom and great divine spirit.

OLIVE- Athena/Minerva Represents goodness, divination, healing and protection.

PINE- All types protection, exorcism, money.

POPLAR- Astral projection, money.

ROWAN- Protective,  long associated with witchcraft due symbolism of fertility and rebirth.

SYCAMORE- Divination, known as MOther Tree, mirror of life, tree of life as in Ogham, maternal magic.

Walnut- Spiritual Powers, Longevity,  LOVE!

WILLOW- Artemis...Chasity, MOON MAGICK, fertility, love, protection, healing!. Serpents recognised as Phallic symbols and willoe to drwa serpents from underworld!

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