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Hello everyone,
I thought i would introduce myself in a bit more detail as the Profile bit on here doesn't really allow you to explain who i am and what i do.

A bit about me.....
I am nearly fifty, five children, four grandchildren and one on the way, a lovely staffy called meg and last but not least my darling wife. I work fifty hours a week so inbetween work and my family i don't have a lot of time to pursue my hobby.

I got into modelling at an early age at about 8/9 then i was simply building them and playing with them, all of which were Airfix. at the age of fifteen i was introduced to the Birmingham Wargames Society based in Ladywood, and my eyes were opened to wargaming, unfortunately a couple of years later my life took off in a different direction and it wasn't until a couple of years ago i got back into it.

What i do......
I have been on Ebay a few years now and always kept my head in on the Wargaming/Modeling section and over the years i noticed that there was a lot of products out there and a lot of people painting but no one specifically tailoring to wargamers requirements in 20mm scale (unlike FOW and 15mm) who hadn't got the time to build their armies, and the Models or figures on offer that was painted was for an exceptionally expensive price.
So two years ago i took the plunge and did my first formation, a Motorised British Infantry Battalion based on Rapid Fire Wargame rules. now please bear in mind i am nearly fifty my eyes are terrible and i last painted a figure when i was 15, so i wasn't sure whether i could do it or not, but i did it and advertised it on Ebay and was over the moon when it sold to a gentleman in New Zealand of all places.
My hobby was now rekindled and i have continued since, i have sold over 40 different lots from a solitary vehicle to complete formations as far a field as Germany and even New Zealand (the purchaser of my first project has since bought three more large lots off me).

Why i do it.......
I do it because i love building and painting models and figures, and because i saw a slight market on Ebay. It is my hobby not a business, all my sales go back into my hobby and help fund my purchases.
Unfortunately since starting it i have noticed others doing similar so i have competition (lol) but that doesn't bother me as i would continue doing it whether people purchased off me or not.
The other reason i do it is because as i say there isn't really anything really tailored to the wargamer, you either purchase ones or twos or pay extremely high prices for pieces that are, well in my opinion over painted and over priced for the fortnightly wargamer at the local social Club.

How i do it.....
I am not in the slightest a brilliant painter but i would say that my painting is to a good standard and based on the comments and reviews i get from customers i must be doing something right.
I do not weather paint or light and dark shade (except for a darker undercoat) but i do pay attention to detail, i feel and this is my own opinion you can over paint figures taking away the reality of why they are painted - for wargaming and unless it is a show game or a competition i feel there is no point as after a few games and the wear of figures being picked up and put down it is just a waste of time and money.
I use Vellajo Paints and base my figures on pennies (for stability), the majority of my figure painting and model was done with Airfix ( although my first attempt was with Valiant Figures & vehicles ordered from Rapid Fire)  as they were cheap and plentiful on Ebay, but the way they are being priced by sellers on Ebay now, its cheaper to go to Hobby craft, and the size differences with their vehicles are starting to irritate me.
I am now using Plastic Soldier Company Figures and Vehicles as they are good quality, robust and come in unique poses and sizes are consistant
I use good old Polyfilla (going back to my youth) for basing my figures to pennies, why you ask, well i'm comfortable with it, its durable, gives a nice texture and easy to work with.

Well i think you now have a full understanding of who i am and what i do, i hope if you are one of the people who purchase off me you enjoy battling with my figures and vehicles enough to come back.

i am hoping to use this guide section to showcase some of my work and also to offer guides and information i found on the internet which i found useful.


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