Pairing your pda and mobile phone for mobile internet

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I have recently come across with the problematic situations when pairing a Pocket PC with a mobile phone in order to use mobile phone as a modem for GPRS/3G internet connection. The solutions account mainly for HP iPAQ PDA's.
These listed here are some hopefully helpful clues, that will help to avoid or come across frustration easily:

  1. When trying to pair hx2000/4700 series PDA that has either Windows Mobile 2003/SE or 5, with a newer phone (any new phone really, that would be able to use 3G network for the internet access), use BT Phone Manager and run through the process of setting up pairing first, selecting the service provider and type of internet connection. I have used O2 on recent years, so what I have done is to select (while in BT Phone Manager) Menu > Settings > Internet Connection and delete the main connection, that will be set up as a Mobile Web. Should you want to use fall-back connection, leave it intact and recreate the main 3G connection and when asked about the fall-back connection say no (you have it alreaduy set up!).
    Apply settings and test your connection by clickng on a main on/off button in BT Phone Manager. If the internet connection is established, you are all set up!

  2. The similar situation as descibed above may occur when you try to set up a PDA that has Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1 installed as an OS with an older type of mobile phone, that lacks 3G capability (Nokia 6310i, 6230/i, other similar popular business phones). Then you have to set up the connection using the BT Phone Manager and then delete the main connection (in case of O2 it is O2-UK) and similarly recreate it. When you recreate it you will be prompted to select the type of connection (default is 3G). Select Mobile Web and leave all the settings as default. Apply and test again.
I came across this issue rather lately when someone did not have 3G set up with their Nokia 6300, that is 3G capable. That time I used iPAQ 114 and 214.

Hope it is useful!
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