Paper choice - getting it right!

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When choosing paper for home and work consider the following key factors so you are not disappointed with your purchase: 

What is it used for?

For simple text, emails or drafts, standard 80gm copier paper will suffice. Artwork for a sales flier, however, requires heavy-weight, glossy photo paper.

Read your printer's manual.

The printer is a key factor when determining which paper to use. Specialty papers, like laser, inkjet, photo and printer/copier paper, each have certain characteristics that work best on different printers. Laser paper better absorbs toner, while inkjet paper produces sharp high-resolution images. There are two basic paper finishes: matte and glossy. A matte finish has a bright white coating---allowing ink to dry quickly. A glossy finish has a shiny smooth texture, best used for photographs and colorful artwork.

Paper Properties.

Paper has four primary properties. Weight is measured per 500-sheet ream; the heavier the paper is, the less light is transmitted. Brightness is how white the paper appears; a higher number indicates brighter paper. The most commonly used paper is 80gm and 100gm. Opacity is the amount of transparent light filtering through the paper. And smoothness is the texture of the paper. Laser printers use heat and toner; therefore, smoother paper works best. Inkjet printers need textured paper for the water-based ink to dry faster, to prevent bleeding and produce sharper printouts.

Follow basic rules.

For printer/copier paper, weight and brightness are key properties. For inkjet and laser printers, consider the opacity and smoothness of the paper you choose. Select heavier and brighter paper when printing colorful artwork or images.

Choose the right paper.

By planning ahead, you will achieve better results. The paper you choose will not only affect the output of your next quarterly report, but also your printing cost, the wear and tear on your printer and the environment, by reducing paper waste and recycling print materials (i.e., paper, ink cartridges and toner).

If in doubt ask?

If in doubt ask us and we can give you advice on the best paper to buy at the most competitive price.
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