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Shreddershop - simplified paper shredder security levels - 2008

It is possible to render confidential material unreadable with the use of a “cross cut” or “confetti cut” shredder, these simply cut the paper into tiny pieces, yet many businesses or individuals either do not own a shredder or may have an inferior “strip cut or “spaghetti cut” machine that only cuts the paper into strips. For the best range of shredders on ebay please visit Shreddershop.

There is an internationally recognised standard (Din Level) of the security a shredder offers, it has five different levels. It is the opinion of David Gowen, Security Director of that the “Din” standard makes product selection confusing for buyers, he said “Buyers look at the different levels within the standard and are not immediately guided to the appropriate level of security they need,” he added “A buyer can sometimes select a security level that is not going to offer enough protection for their needs”.

It is because of Shreddershop's findings that together with David they have formulated their own simplified set of security levels. The system they have developed has four different levels detailing the type of security offered, enabling a buyer to quickly find a security solution that will suit their needs.

Simplified security levels:

Everyday - Documents safe to shred:

  • Banking Information
  • Junk mail
  • Credit card receipts
  • Bulk reduction
  • Print outs
  • Spaghetti Cut shredders producing thin continuous strips of shredded paper, commonly known as "Strip Cut"
  • Offers the most basic protection as the width of paper after cutting can be up to 6mm.
  • Ideal for bulk reduction, can have extremely fast shred speeds. Suitable for some archive work.
  • Entry level to shredding your documents.
  • (DIN Levels 1 and 2)

Confidential - Documents safe to shred, all items in Everyday, plus:

  • Personal documents
  • Bank statements
  • Salary information
  • Utility Bills
  • Databases
  • Confetti Cut shredders producing thin pieces, both in width and length, commonly known as "Cross Cut"
  • Offer some of the best personal security protection.
  • Often used as a secure desk side shredder in addition to larger departmental shredders.
  • Machines are available from below £50.00.
  • Fast becoming the number one choice for the more security conscious user.
  • (DIN Level 3)

Highly Confidential - Documents safe to shred, all items in Confidential, plus:

  • Business critical information
  • Client Data
  • Highly personal data
  • Product designs
  • Business plans
  • Patentable materials
  • Confetti Cut shredders producing thin pieces, both in width and length, commonly known as "Cross Cut"
  • Pieces produced by these machines are considerably smaller than those in the "Confidential" category.
  • At this level the finished results are extremely secure.
  • Often this grade of shredder has been specified as part of a particular project or office environment.
  • Help form an integral part of a business's security planning and protection policies.
  • (DIN Level 4)

Maximum Security - Documents safe to shred, all items in Highly Confidential, plus:

  • Top secret documents
  • Military applications
  • Politically sensitive information
  • Research data
  • Local governments
  • Medical data
  • Confetti Cut shredders producing thin pieces, both in width and length, commonly known as "Cross Cut"
  • Can shred paper in to particles smaller than 1mm x 1mm! considerable smaller than those in the "Highly Confidential" category.
  • Highest security grade available, If you have a need to keep things truly secret this is the grade for you.
  • (DIN Levels 5 and 6)

Hopefully this will make selecting a shredder that is suitable for your needs a lot simpler, don't forget for the best selection on ebay of brand new paper shredders please visit  Shreddershop.
If you require any further advice on purchasing a shredder please visit the shop for our full contact details, we will be happy to speak to you and help guide you in the right direction.

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