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I had a £140 guitar amplifier picked up via a P2G service for which I paid for insurance in mid- December of 2007. I only learnt from the recipient that it had not been received a week or two later.

The tracking showed that it had been delivered, upon ringing DHL they told me it had been delivered to an address in England rather than Scotland where it was supposed to be going but could not give me specifics due to Data Protection(?!). I then contacted P2G who said they would look into it and informed me I better file for a claim which I did.

Ever since then I've been battling with email after email many of which were never answered. The result is I'm going to receive a £50 cheque. Great. What about the rest? What's the point of paying insurance if you get less than half your money back. I've lost Ebay fees, hours and hours of time trying to sort it and become very angry with this incompetent firm. Only one person at the firm has been helpful and that was thanks to me searching high and low for complaints regarding this company latterly. But still I am not happy. I will NOT be using this firm ever again.

It seems to me that someone at P2G could read through what's going to be picked up and say I'll have that and it will conveniently disappear! Ooh a guitar amplifier, my son could do with one of those, let's give it another delivery address and then pretend to look into it afterwards.

Absolutely appalled. I've lost so much time through the negligence of this firm I intend to lose more time informing others how useless they have been.
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