Parcel 2Go - Appalling, very stressful and upsetting

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I arranged for a Dolls House I had bought for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas to be delivered by Parcel2Go on 24th November, here is a summary of the sequence of events
It was collected on 26th November
I requested and was given a delivery date twice, and arranged to stay home from 7am to 7pm, but the the parcel did not show up
I contacted the Parcel2 go call centre on Friday 3rd December expressing my concern that the parcel has not arrived.  I then called and emailed on several occasions and despite being told my concern was being dealt with I received a disappointing response to my concerns.  
On Monday 6th December I received conflicting emails from Parcel2Go, one asking me to submit a claim because the Dolls House may be lost/ damaged (didnt say which) and one saying the Dolls House should be on its way!  
To be on the safe side I completed and returned the claims form on Monday 6th December - in line with the deadlines, although I stated I did not know what had happened to the parcel, as noone had confirmed
On Thursday 9th December I received an email confirming that the Dolls House was on its way
On Friday 10th December, the delivery man arrived with the parcel.  He confirmed he had refused to deliver this for over a week as it was damaged and advised me not to accept delivery.   I took his advice and he took the parcel away.  I then updated my claims form and resubmitted, as I now had confirmation on what had happened to the Dolls House 
I then received an email today from the claims department stating my claim was outside the timescales and had been rejected.  

It completely ignored the fact that:

a) the original claims form was completed in line with the timescales
b) despite repeatedly contacting your company, I was not ever advised what had happened to the parcel, I only found out on Friday 10th December, over two weeks from ordering
c) I only found out that the parcel was damaged on Friday 10th - and at this point updated my claims form

I would assume that the deadline for submitting damaged claims, assumes that the person receives the parcel in line with their 1-3 day delivery commitment, this clearly did not happen in my case.

I have found the whole experience of using Parcel2Go very very stressful, upsetting, time consuming and costly.  I am a working mother with 2 small children and cannot commit all of this time to trying to resolve this.

I have been trying to escalate my complaint within the company, and despite emailing and calling on several occasions I am just ignored.  The whole experience has been been extremely upsetting 
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