Parcel Force and when not to use their service

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Many Ebay sellers are not aware that they often use a service offered by Parcel Force Worldwide, thinking it to be a cost effective way of sending a parcel and that should any damage occur to the item that they are sending, it will be insured and they will be able to claim the cost of any damage or repairs.


When you send an item through Parcel Force, one signs a receipt which states on the slip at the bottom where you sign "I CONFIRM RECEIPT AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE PARCELFORCE WORLDWIDE CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE"  even though at no point are the terms and conditions shown to you.

Many clauses and conditions are written into this document, should you ever be lucky enough to see a copy of it.  For instance, when sending a musical instrument, did you know that it has to be sent IN A HARD CASE and then again with the actual instrument internaly wrapped in what Parcel Force would call "sufficient packaging"
One point to ponder here is that in many cases simply sending an instrument in a hard case would in many instances render the package above Parcel Force's own weight limit.  Also, should any damage occur to the instrument in transit  you may get re-imbursed for the cost of the instrument but NOT the  hard case.  As you may well know, such a case could cost half of what the instrument is worth.

Another point to ponder is that the instrument should have the strings slackened off.  Any violation of these terms and conditions will render any claim for damage void. 

This is an item which was sent via Parcel force 48, it was wrapped in a standard guitar box, the kind which one gets a guitar in from new.  It was also wrapped in many layers of bubble wrap and foam bags, and then wrapped tightly in parcel tape.  The packaging, although 3 inches or more thick was actually peirced whilst in transit with Parcel Force and sustained this damage. (Due to the pictures going missing I will explain what damage was shown; The bottom edge of the aforementioned bass with what looked like a hole peirced into the wooden body to a depth of about 10mm and the same width as would be made by a six-inch nail.  Obviously purposeful damage as that type of damage could NOT have been caused by a simple drop on to the floor.)
Although it was clearly by most people's standards more than adequately packed, Parcel Force made it clear after the effect that in their opinion, it was not and refused the claim. 

What can you do?

If you have to send any item by Parcel Force, before you sign the receipt ASK to see a copy of the Parcel Force Terms And Conditions.  READ IT CAREFULLY and please do not hurry at this point as it could affect any future claim you may have with this company.  I can imagine that many people are sending items via this service which are, in the eyes of the carrier "Inadequately packaged" and any claim you may have to make will automatically be dismissed.  These terms and conditions will almost certainly cover practically anything valuable e.g. cameras, electrical goods etc.

Please remember that you may think that it is adequately packaged - but Parcel Force would say otherwise.
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