Parcel force forget em allways your own courier

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We recently made a purchase from a UK company via Parcel Force the upshot is the carton containing the items I ordered was severely damaged 12 Units Ordered 5 received items remaining the problems are:-

Parcel force
Carrier will only deal with the sender.
Carrier will not permit delivery inspection regardless to the carton damaged or not whilst parcel force are fully aware of these facts.
Carrier will not permit item to be examined on or of the vehicle.
Carrier does not notify the recipient of any damage if you are fortunate to find external indications of damage before you sign.
You may find Vendor is disinterested.

If you are fortunate to have purchased from a supplier with an  Excellent customer support in the forefront  you may get part / full compensation.
E bay will take their sweet time.
PayPal will interfere as much as possible into your business this BULL they put out that 3 day money out of your account & up to 5 day money into pay pal generating interest from 8.000,000 members ( NOT AT ONCE ) another 3 day`s or so until it is released into your pay pal account and free to access.

Our Advice

Arrange collection.
Arrange Your Own Courier to Collect. ( Then You Control The Complete outcome Collection Delivery Compensation )
Prepay your courier to collect.

A. Feeling better arrange collection Knowing that the vendor You have Spoken / emailed Is Comfortable and Prefers That You arrange all.
B. If this goes wrong you have your item.
C. You lodge your own compensation.
E. You may be Fortunate to gain the courier in your claim support especially if the item has just come of the courier vehicle damaged.
Remember the majority of members are honest not all prioritize customer service
Ensure You Are In Control It Is Your money After all.


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