Parcel posting risk,more

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I have had very bad experiences with this courier service,
The ebay seller delacoco88 is the same seller for eparcelz.  My parcel ,worth £ 200, was delivered to the wrong person,and when I contacted the lady at delacoco88 , she offered the worst 'customer support' I have dealt with,and when replied back ,she wrote that 'Don't worry. The parcel has probably been left with a neighbour'. I asked  who that neighbour was,since my recipient received no note from any  couriers,about a parcel been left with a neighbour. She said nothing about either questions,all she did was to  insist 'the parcel has probably been left with a neighbour'. It was like talking to a  parrot or something similar. I asked her about what I should do,ask my recipient to start knocking at the door of all the 45 neighbors in the area?
Because eparcelz could not care less,both me and the recipient went to a lot of frustration and wasted valuablle time,taking our time off our job to try to locate the parcel.
She did not even bother to phone Parcelforce about the parcel. I had to do it. I have put in a claim for a lost parcel,and have not heard from Parcelforce yet. Avoid eparcelz and the seller delacoco88 entirely. Horrible service,rude ,careless and totally useless 'customer support' ,if you can really call it that? . Zero out of ten for eparcelz,from me.

Also,please keep one thing in mind: if you buy directly from a courier,and you get problem,then you'll be able to deal directly from the courier. If you buy the SAME service but from a bad third party,you will have to deal with the latter,not with the courier,since the courier only accepts claims from the person who bought the service,and that's the third party,NOT you. Conclusion: either buy the service directly from the courier,or ,if you want to save money,make sure that the third party you are dealing with offers EXCELLENT customer support,not merely a service courier. You'll need both to resolve a delivery problem,and you can't do with bad or non-existent customer support.

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