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Parcel2go have lost my parcel sent through Hermes. Worse than that their live tracking system does not track the parcel at all. When endeavouring to engage with them through their live chat, on one hand they are very pleasant and accommodating on the other they just placate and lie.

Their staff are the masters of deception and lie consistently to appease you in whatever way they can and to that end are exceedingly skilful.

I have spent the best part of 3 days on live chat getting precisely know where.

Live chat lady said the parcel was in Hermes depot close to my customer and that she had spoken to the depot on the phone and that she had told the lady at the depot my customer was coming down to collect. My customer drove over to the depot but the lady there said she had not had a call from anybody at Parcel2go and had no idea where the parcel was but new she did not have it in her warehouse. So my customer wasted his time as well. I phoned the lady at Hermes warehouse and at the same time I was in live chat with Parcel2go this lady said i will phone them for you now and came back to me and said I have just spoken to them and they have the parcel and your customer can go and collect. So I asked the lady from Hermes if while I was talking to her did she also speak to Parcel2go. She said no they are lying to you I have not had any contact at all with them over the last 2 days. I confronted the live chat lady and told her she had lied to me and how I knew that and after a long pause she wrote we only communicate electronically. Caught lying bang to rights and they still try and wriggle out of it. Not just one live agent but over the course of 3 days at least 10 different agents all lying consistently. Now that takes some great training to get liars up to such a high standard. They even have the cheek to say they "we never lie". I am very trusting but the one thing I have found is when anybody goes to great lengths to deny they tell lies then they are lying again.

Take a tip and don't use Parcel2go, pay a little extra and go direct to D.H.L. or any other good courier but never go through an agent.

Summary:  A real nightmare when the problems start.
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