Parcel2go - DON'T use them.

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Twice now parcel2go have absolutely failed at delivering a parcel to a customer, and even worse, they have failed at resolving problems that they should have.

Recently a guitar sold on ebay was delivered with significant damage. Not parcel2go's fault, but their responsibility to handle the claim for the damage.

I did everything I was asked to do, provided all information when needed and yet parcel2go failed to manage the claim with the courier they used.

The result is that now the courier says it is too late to make the claim as parcel2go didn't forward the information they needed to when they should have.

Before you make the choice to use a cheap service, make sure you can live with the fact that saving a few pounds could cost you the entire price of the item you have sent.

More information available on my site (now up for the second time after their previous failures):

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