Parcels2Go - but nobody knows when or where -

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In 40 odd years - i have never come across a company like them - fail to collect on requested day, they collect 3 days later, after we chased their "Customer Service" that have no telephones or means of communication with the outside world, let alone the companies they use.
Parcel then takes a magical mystery to see Santa in lap land somewhere for the next 7-10 days. They cant locate the parcel because "Customer Service" do not have communication systems.
Their closing response after almost 14 days, (and we have the records of chat), WAIT until the parcel arrives and then we can review it, but until it arrives we can not do anything. 
So how long are we meant to wait???
I will never again even visit their website let alone even think about suggesting their company to anybody. Just the their name makes me cringe-

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