Parceltogo is Useless

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I have recently purchased some automotive parts via E-Bay. They are being shipped by Parceltogo.

The items were in Cornwall, I am in the Midlands. Over two weeks after the items were collected, I am still waiting for delivery. They cannot tell me where the items are. Their service is appalling. I could have cycled to Cornwall and collected these items personally in less time than this courier has taken so far. And who knows how many more days I am to wait!

Avoid them! Use someone reliable like Parcel Force (the post office), where you have a significantly stronger chance of receiving your items within a week! E-Bayers in USA, Canada and Australia have sent me items in half the time Parceltogo have taken so far.

There are no telephone numbers to call, when you need help, such as where on earth is my parcel? (Answer, no idea!). You have to use a live chat facility, where if you start to vent your frustration at the poor service, they will disconnect you as quickly as possible, without having managed to answer the most basic of questions for a courier, namely, where is my parcel and when will it be delivered? It has been hypothesised on the Internet that the help desk is manned by a BOT. This may be true. It is hard to tell.

Parceltogo : Scores out of 10 ....  0 / 10.

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