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Eating and playing like the adults – as soon as your baby is able to sit, a highchair offers great new possibilities to her! For infants the own table and chair are their beloved painting and crafting center, where they can develop their whole creativity.

A new point of view

Soon your baby will begin to explore her environment and to sit up straight. From this moment on, a highchair provides several advantages – the little one is further more integrated in family life and experiences everything from a brand new perspective. The piece of furniture is willingly used for eating, playing or just keeping company with the adults.

„At the age of 7 months, when we put our Markus in the highchair for the first time, he was all smiles and slapped against the tray with his little hands. He immediately catched the point that the chair is there to have him closer with us and I believe he was also proud to eat like the adults.“ (Gerald, 33)

Safety for fidgets

The most important requirement on a highchair is its security against tipping – only few children sit still for a longer time. Your child is protected by a firm belt with a child-safety lock. But please, never leave your child alone in the high-chair – yet the most experienced pro-highchair-tester cannot foresee the ideas children full of beans come up with. Always fix the rollers after repositioning the highchair.


The chair should offer multiple adjustment possibilities for height and recline position – also pay attention if little fingers could be bruised between variable parts. Since little mishaps occur occasionally, the chair should be easy to clean. All covers of the highchairs of BAMBINO WORLD are machine-washable. For the trays we chose hygienic plastics – it doesn´t even take hot wiping after pulp-battles offence.

Tiny tot aims high

The highchair should absolutely correspond to the size of your child – for the smallest we suggest models with padded seat inserts. Those highchairs offer the necessary support function and can be used in different recline positions (to sit or relax). We, from BAMBINO WORLD, chose a baby highchair with an integrated electronic swing – most children love the rhythmic motion and like to be calmed down therefrom or even fall asleep. As every child develops her own preferences when swinging, our model offers three speed levels for the swinging motion. Despite all comfort, your child shouldn´t sleep in highchairs too often – your little one needs space for stretching when she relaxes!


Models, suitable for infants, feature a lot of room for eating and playing and a high adaptability, some offer a completely flat position for sleeping, others can be converted into table and chair appropriate for children. Some children like sitting for a longer time and it is necessary that the position can be adjusted easily – after all one also wants to know what is happening in the kitchen before dinner and daddy certainly needs help on bookkeeping at his desk.

Always take care that the seating surface corresponds to the length of the thigh and the little legs are able to hang down in a natural angle. If the seating surface is too long, you can adapt it with an insert. This is a padding for the backrest that lets the little one sit more in the front – so the length of thigh and seating surface come in due proportion. It is also important that your child can use the foot rest duly.

Children love furniture in their size – if you choose a highchair that can be converted into a little table with chair, your little one gets an empire for painting and crafting on her own.

„Sofie spends a lot of time sitting in her highchair – either she is with us at dinner or she paints colourful pictures for her friends at her little desktop. Last week her teddy was ill and we even set up a little doctor´s surgery – the little table appropriate to Sofie´s height is great!“ (Anna, 26)


The team of BAMBINO WORLD wishes much pleasure in eating and playing together!


Only parents know what is good for their children. As parents we share many common experiences. Exorbitant prices for trademarked goods, quality failure at service and long delivery time are some of the negative ones. We represent the conviction that it can also work differently – we offer an alternative to demanding parents as you. BAMBINO WORLD stands for guaranteed quality. Our products are manufactured subject to strict quality criteria. We and our children vet both products and new developments constantly. Welcome to life! Welcome to BAMBINO WORLD.

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